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American military dry ration MRE
MRE stands for American dry rations, the US Army's Individual Food Ration.
Each MRE pack contains a main course and a range of other complementary foods and drinks, as well as all the small things you need to eat, such as a spoon and a flameless food warmer.
One MRE is for one meal.
They are supplied to the army in two boxes, each of which contains 12 pieces of MRE (i.e. designed for 12 meals a day).
The first box is called "Menu A", the second is "Menu B".
Each MRE weighs an average of 500 to 750 grams. A box of 12, weighs 6-9 kg.
MRE packaging is designed for harsh operating conditions and the effects of the elements, which allows you not to worry about storage conditions.
Dropped from a cliff - went down - picked up - as if nothing had happened ate.
Shelf life: at an average room storage temperature of 25+ degrees is about 3 years.
At a temperature of 10+ it can be stored for about 5 years.
Each single pack is designed for 1 full meal and contains at least 1,200+ calories (13% protein, 36% fat, 51% carbohydrates) and about a third of the daily value of vitamins and minerals.

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US military food ration MRE - box of 12 pieces

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SKU 2000000037295
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Brand Contract Manufacturer US Army
Made in USA
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