Our "digest" section of new products is gaining momentum, February is coming to an end and the second collection of this month is already waiting for your attention.


New from Propper, the Army Combat Uniform in Multicam. The Propper uniform is a military uniform approved for military service.

The Army Combat Uniform has full-length reinforced seams for added strength, compression and wrinkle resistance.

  • Velcro panels are placed in all the necessary places for attaching insignia and other identifiers. Practical material Battle Rip, designed for action, tear resistant.

    Another new integral part of the uniform is a tactical belt from Crye Precision, the Modular Rigger's Belt (MRB), has a low weight and volume, thereby reducing the load on the lower back.

  • Made with LoopLock systems, the inner belt is threaded through the loops of the pants and keeps the entire belt in a stable position.

    The next novelty also from Crye Precision is Drifire G3 Combat pants. They provide full functionality and a perfect look. They embody the golden mean between a professional look and practicality.

  • This is the iconic model of combat trousers from two flagships in the combat equipment industry - the Crye Precision I Drifire. Created from a special protective material - non-combustible, fast-drying Fortrex aramid from Drifire.

    Military headset and radio equipment

    Noise canceling headphones Clarus Pro from Silynx. This is a noise canceling hearing protection headphone system designed to meet the needs of international special services personnel.

  • Clarus Pro headphones are environmentally friendly, protected from dirt, water, shock, vibration and any elements that could damage them. High-quality sound transmission, even in high-noise environments. The headphones block loud backgrounds while still allowing you to hear sounds and speech at normal volume.


    The current camping equipment that should be for a comfortable stay in nature is a seat and a cushion. New products from Klymit company Static V Sleeping Pads and Cush Seat inflatable pillow.

  • Travel experience and modern technologies allow us to create very high quality and affordable products. Klymit inflatable mats have proven themselves all over the world.


    Protecting hands from frost and cold winds Gloves are needed to maintain the ability to perform the assigned tasks. New from contract manufacturer durable Intermediate Cold Wet gloves for cold and wet weather, used in the US Army.

  • Designed to retain heat in the temperature range from 0 ° C to -20 ° C in frosty and humid conditions.
    The gloves are made using goatskin and the back is made of stretch nylon. The breathable GORE-TEX membrane provides waterproof protection. Insulation Fleece (100gm) keeps you warm and does an excellent job of removing excess moisture.


    New items from the Ukrainian manufacturer M-TAC Delta Polar Pro Black jacket and Athlete Black raglan. Sewn from high quality and durable fabrics, these models are perfect for everyday use.

  • They do not constrain movement and guarantees maximum comfort, can be combined with various styles and worn almost all year round.


    New from Ops-Core company FAST XP High Cut helmet. The helmets are manufactured using a unique patented technology.

  • Manufactured from DSM Dyneema HB-26 material, which makes them more than 20% lighter than ACH aramid helmets without compromising ballistic performance.

    Batteries and chargers

    New from the company Surefire battery 18650 3500 mAh Li-ion. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Micro-USB charging capability. This allows you to charge the battery using any USB power source: computer / laptop, power bank or car USB port using the supplied cable.

  • In addition, the external charger CC-CV compatible with 18650 can be used to charge the battery.

    Wallets / card holders

    The Ukrainian manufacturer M-Tas has released a new Slim Elite wallet. Compact and stylish wallet designed to store cash, cards and business cards.

  • Sewn from modern polymer composite, which has exceptional abrasion resistance, strength and durability.

    Prices are current at the time of publication.