January is coming to an end and we have a second digest of new products! There are certainly more interesting things here, flashlights, a shooting timer and mats for cleaning weapons.
But let's take a look at the entire list below in order.


Cleaning products


Let's start with the TekMat weapon cleaning mat with the AR-15 blueprint. Flexible, neoprene mat with AR-15 blueprint for cleaning and repairing AR-15, or other small arms.

  • The mat material reliably protects the weapon from scratches and damage during cleaning and repair.
    The neoprene rubber backing protects the work surface from chemicals and gun oil.
    The AR-15 diagram is printed on the mat.


    Winter Clothing (Level 7)


    The weather is not yet warm with warmth, but warmth is not expected yet. The second novelty is the PCU Level 7 Vest Extreme Cold Weather vest in AOR2.

  • The BAF (Brooklyn Armed Forces) padded vest is used by US forces in mountainous or polar exploration environments. The vest has excellent thermal insulation properties (synthetic filler Primaloft). The fibers are water-repellent and at the same time allow moisture to evaporate. Nylon outer layer and lining.




    This month we are pleased with novelties by the company Olight, the company was founded in 2006 as a production of high-quality lighting devices.

    After conquering the European tourism market, the company switched to the tactical accessories market, starting production for the military and law enforcement agencies, this series was named M (Maverick).

  • The first novelty is the Olight I3T EOS flashlight - a representative of the popular EOS line, which includes compact flashlights. I3T has small dimensions (89x15 mm), so it is almost invisible in a trouser or shirt pocket.

    Powered by AAA batteries and 10440 format rechargeable batteries. The optical system combines a Philips Luxeon TX LED with a TIR lens to deliver a wide 180 lumen beam of light.

    The second gun flashlight is Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie. A model designed for use with a weapon.

    Its feature is the ability to adjust the location of the mount, thanks to which the PL-Mini 2 can be installed on almost any weapon with a Picatinny / Weaver rail, including the Fort-17 pistol. Flashlight brightness increased to 600 lumens.


    Weapon accessories


    New for cumfling gear GearSkin fabric. It is a self-adhesive fabric with high military grade characteristics, suitable for forests, transitional and green areas,

  • Gearskin adapts easily, adheres to a variety of surfaces and offers a real edge in the field, eliminating any visible and infrared reflections, improving grip, protecting the base surface from any mechanical or chemical damage.

    The adhesive cures slowly, so you can use Gearskin for a short time, then remove it from the equipment and save it on carbon paper for reuse.


    Shooting timers


    Competition Electronics presents the Pocket Pro CEI-2800, a very useful device for those who practice shooting.

  • Allows you to give a signal from which the shooting starts (you can give it instantly or at a certain time interval, which is set independently). Shows the time to the first shot, as well as between the series of shots. Displays time up to 199.99 seconds. Low battery indication is on.


    Headsets and radio equipment


    Walker's company produces shooting headphones, but there is an interesting addition to them - the Walker's Razor Walkie Talkie Handsfree Communication headset.

  • Designed specifically for Walker Razor active shooting headphones. The batteries are charged for 12 hours of uninterrupted operation (they run on 2 AAA batteries).

    Equipped with audio input. Supports 22 channels \ 99 subchannels. The first channel corresponds to a frequency of 462.550 MHz. Twenty-second - 462.700 MHz.

    Dedicated push-to-talk features and Voice Activation technology adapt to the sound environment and avoid false alarms, making radio transmissions much easier.




    The M-Tac brand presents the Mesnik T-shirt with long sleeves. The M-Tac T-shirt is 93% cotton, the remaining 7% is elastane.

  • Thanks to this, the T-shirt can withstand more than a dozen washes and does not lose its shape. A T-shirt is a must-have for any man's wardrobe. The area of ​​consumption and application of our T-shirts is huge - from everyday wear to use as uniforms for military units and security forces.


    Prices are current at the time of publication.