The original "no bullshit" soldier's handbooks, loaded with tips, tricks and ideas on how to live, thrive and stay comfortable in a military outdoor environment through field expedient know-how. From how to take a dump in the woods, improvise/modify or improve military and civilian outdoor gear, combat survival techniques, reducing field boredom, leadership tips, jokes and much more. 

"As a former US Army Ranger, Drill Instructor and Advisor/Trainer to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Army (1996-97) under the US State Department "Train & Equip Program". I have always enjoyed sharing with soldiers my personal experiences, tips, tricks and ideas in how to survive & thrive in the outdoors. And although I've been retired from the United States Army since January 1993, I am still doing what I like best - teaching & training soldiers. But not in a class room but through a series of books called THE RANGER DIGESTS.

Now before I decided to self-publish these books I use to forward all my tips, tricks and ideas to the Department of the Army. But the only thing I ever received back were letters saying, "...sorry, not feasible for military outdoor field conditions." Well since the Army wasn't interested in my ideas, I then decided to write a book about my tips & tricks and try to market them to the troops myself. After all, when it comes to "common sense" and "field craft ingenuity" the troops know more about this stuff than some 'chair-borne' colonel or general sitting behind his nice cozy desk at the Pentagon."

In the book "The Best of Rangers Digest Soldiers Tips and Tricks"
You'll find:
- Boot Critters
- Field boot lacing
- Field expedient boot drying
- boot wear & care
- Knots of things
- Tennis shoes & overshoes
- Yep, another ranger band use
- Security container
- Ammo can field stoves, heaters, & B-B-Qs
- Canteen cap tips
- Canteen modifications
- Canteen cup tips
- First AID pouch tip or trick
- Always cool water
- Cool canteen water
- Canteen water heater
- A flashlite as a fire starter?
- Another tac light tip
- Making a para-grip for your knife
- Range band weapon hand guards
- The poor man's night sight
- Method river crossing
- Rope-a-soap
- A bed spot in the field
- Military issued od water proof bags

And much more.