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Wilcox Industries develops some of the most sophisticated helmet mount systems available. They were developed with the direct participation of the US military. These designs are perfected and then manufactured at Wilcox.

Wilcox L4 G02 is a low profile mount for ANVS-6 (F4212) , ANVS-9 (F4949) ANVIS night vision goggles for use in ground operations.

Wilcox offers standard helmet attachment options with one hole, three holes and a strap. This makes the L4 G02 extremely versatile. One of the most innovative features is the integrated water resistant power supply in the form of a removable battery module on the front panel. It holds one 3V CR123 lithium battery, rated for up to 24 hours. It is easy to remove and re-install, allowing you to quickly change the battery while wearing it. The battery module also includes an on / off switch.

Wilcox L4 G02 uses a ball-lock fastening method. The release button allows you to easily adjust the height (up or down) and then lock in the desired position. The NVG is removed from the mount by pressing two round buttons on both sides.

The L4 G02 is equipped with Wilcox's patented breakout mechanism. The tear-off function allows the mount to be pre-installed securely in place and allows it to detach under load to prevent injury. Activities that can cause entanglement, such as rappelling or high-speed operations, increase the risk of being struck by NVGs, which are a leading cause of neck and head injuries to soldiers. The ability of the L4 G02 to detach under these conditions protects the user's body and the NVD itself from serious injury or damage.

Size 9 x 6 x 3 cm

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Wilcox L4 G01 Mount for ANVS-6/ANVS-9

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SKU: 2000000043722
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SKU 2000000043722
Brand Wilcox
Made in USA
Producer Code (MPN) 56500G02-T