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External parts

   Fans, professional shooters and owners of airsoft clubs Punisher online store offers accessories for external tuning and spare parts for airsoft guns in Ukraine on favorable terms. The catalog contains the best models of collimator sights, tactical and underbarrel flashlights, night vision devices, silencers, thrust arms and fire translation handles, forearm covers, battery compartments and accessories from the best Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

Accessories for tuning airsoft guns

   Convenience in carrying and using, accuracy of shooting and rate of fire of airsoft-drives is of great importance. Therefore, a weapon for airsoft, which is an exact copy of combat analogues, involves making improvements to the design, that is, tuning.
   Now produced parts and accessories for airsoft weapons in a wide range. If you play airsoft professionally, tuning the AK74 or the M4 assault rifle will allow you to shoot faster, aim more accurately, see better in conditions of poor visibility, quickly reload and it is more convenient to hold the drive in your hands. And this is very important when in a tactical game you have a few seconds to make the right decisions!
   Today, a fighter of an airsoft team can easily improve the design of his machine gun, equipping it with additional pads on the forearm, stubborn stock, stubborn arms and fire transfer handles. A collimator sniper scope and an underbarrel flashlight with several modes (including IR illumination) are convenient devices for accurate shooting in any conditions, and the silencer will hide your presence from rivals when firing.
   If you need external AK tuning to get certain tactical advantages during the game, airsoft dictates the following rules:

  • to purchase accessories for external tuning of airsoft-weapons should only be from trusted sellers in specialized stores;
  • you need to choose an accessory and spare parts for airsoft drives only from well-known manufacturers (ideally, from the manufacturer of your weapons);
  • for each drive model there is a special set of tuning accessories that are ideally suited to weapons and are easily installed on it;
  • complement the design of the drive so as not to weigh down the mass of weapons - select and install only those elements that will be most useful and functional when used.

External tuning for airsoft weapons in Ukraine

   In our online store the most popular spare parts and tuning accessories for most mass models of airsoft guns are presented. The catalog contains:

  • collimator sights and rear sight kits from ACM;
  • tactical and weapon-mounted under-barrel flashlights with fixation, laser tags and IR modes, laser modules and remote buttons;
  • forend, pad and mounting rings from ACM;
  • night vision devices, silencers, tracer nozzles;
  • persistent handles, fire transfer handles and removable stocks;
  • swivels, lock nuts, linings and cover covers;
  • battery compartments.

   All products are original, represented by well-known brands ACM, FMA, G & P and Element, tested in extreme field conditions, reliable and withstand maximum loads, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty.
   For those who like to save money, we offer used accessories for tuning airsoft drives, not inferior in quality, but having a lower cost. Delivery of goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine is carried out as soon as possible.