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The Firebird FSA01-YE model is aimed at those tourists who would like to have a complete set of tools for preparing firewood in nature, as well as the ability to kindle a fire in any conditions. The set includes not only an axe, but also a saw, and also a flint. However, all the tools are so well-arranged that they take up the least amount of space. The saw is stored inside the handle of the axe, and the flint is placed in a special compartment of the case for the same tool.

The main tool of the set is the axe. It is the largest in size - 34.7 cm in length, with a cutting edge width of 8 cm. For its manufacture, 3CR13 steel was used. And additional protection against corrosion is a dark coating on the metal surface, which does not wear off during the operation of the axe. The handle of this instrument is made of nylon reinforced with fibreglass. Despite its high strength, the handle remains very light. In addition, it is empty from the inside, which allows you to store the next element of the set in the axe - a hand saw.

The length of the saw together with the handle is 30 cm. Inside the handle of the axe, it fits tightly and will not fall out on its own. The compact dimensions of the tool allow you to easily saw off branches on the weight or those that are not convenient for the user to work with an axe. Manufacturers used the same materials for the saw as for the axe.

To avoid problems with transporting the ax on hikes and trips out of town, it is sold with a special case. This accessory is made of plastic and fits tightly, covering the entire cutting edge so that the axe can be carried along with other things. On one side of the cover there is a handle for which the set is easy to carry, and on the other - a compartment for storing the flint. The length of the flint is 7 cm.


the size of the axe in length is 34.7 cm;
edge length - 8 cm;
the size of the saw along the length - 30 cm;
flint length is 7 cm;
material for axe and saw blades - steel 3CR13;
handles made of fibreglass nylon;
weight 943 grams.

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Firebird FSA01-YE Axe

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SKU: 2000000026077
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SKU 2000000026077
Brand Ganzo
Made in China
Color Black
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