Author - Alexander Milyukov, Instructor of the Shooting Academy Shopping Center

Terrorism is a disease. Scary, easily transmitted in different ways, contagious. And deadly. And she easily changes her form, thereby complicating prevention and treatment. The current trend is executions in public places. And to resist them is almost impossible. They don’t need large organized organized groups of killers, as with mass hostage-taking - even one bastard with a gun can sow death from a thirty-charge store. They do not require explosives, which are harder to find compared to the good old AK. Special preparation of the so-called An “active shooter” is also not required. These are not suicide bombers who undergo a selection and a deep “washing of the psyche”. The task of the “active shooters” is to shoot more people before the arrival of special forces and even try to leave. And the process of "zombification" they go on their own. Any terrorist in power and authority of 7.62 caliber or just a fan of Modern Warfare can become a potential terrorist. Such people often use psychostimulants or other substances that change the psyche.
Yes, much of what is written below may seem difficult or difficult. But, there is nothing more difficult than to wait silently when your turn comes to die.

Therefore, rule number 0 - there are no reasons that will justify your death.
The country has a bad criminogenic situation, teenagers abuse computer games, the country has banned the short-barrel, but self-loading versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle are allowed ... In the end, you are not a soldier and you weren’t taught to fight ...
And tell me, what is your life worth? Already, it is full of people who believe that it costs less than a bullet. There is a war of civilizations, a war of worldviews. Each person executed by his death proves the superiority of the one who killed him. The superiority of radical Islam, chaos, anarchy, fear. Nerds from Columbine were stronger than the whole school. At least, the “active shooters” feel precisely their superiority. They die with smiles on their faces and end up in their perverted paradise, a sort of Valhalla for nerds and maniacs with gurus and eternal video games ... And where will their victims fall in vain hiding under the tables in fear and despair? Victims always go to hell. Even if they survive. And in addition, remember how many followers each successful shooting gives birth to? Allowing you to kill yourself with impunity, you acknowledge all your values ​​are null and void. Because real values ​​are worth protecting.

1. The terrorist threat in Ukraine exists. And today this threat is much higher than in most European countries. After all, terrorism is not only religious, but also political, criminal ... We have internal contradictions, we have external contradictions. The country has tens of thousands of illegal army small arms, tons of explosives, thousands of people with combat training and combat experience. Fighting always gives rise to the discontented. And most importantly - now there are many forces that benefit from a terrorist attack to achieve their political goals.
And we have come from the war a lot of people with mental injuries. But in the United States, most executions in public places are committed by people who have mental problems. This does not always fit the definition of terrorism, because such killers operate outside the composition of terrorist organizations and do not put forward any political goals. They just want to take revenge on others. Or play Counterstrike on a new level, with live people as targets.

Now no one can say that mass shootings are not threatening us. Unfortunately, this is only a matter of time.

2. There are no safe places. It is foolish to expect that the threat will affect only large cities, such as Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa. On the contrary, to make an attack in a small town is much easier, and the political resonance will be just as loud. Mad men with machine guns don't care where they come to sow death. Schools, theaters, concerts, sports, shopping centers, even churches - all of this already happened. Quite expectedly, the goals of terrorists can be public institutions, political rallies and meetings. Be on the lookout.

3. There will be no help. Yes, our law enforcement officers are not designed to provide assistance in such situations. They have neither adequate weapons, nor first aid equipment, nor training. Ask any employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about his actions in such a situation - and you will see that John MacLane has remained a fictional character from Die Hard. The maximum that you can count on is that people in uniform will block approaches to the site of the attack and help to bring the survivors away. Well, and when the shots die out, they will collect the cartridges and take out the corpses.
Guards in any institution are also not a special obstacle for the attackers. They simply take the first bullet and give their death an extra minute for the rest to understand what is happening. Or how everyone is hiding under the table. 

It is in the USA for such cases that the police carry rifled carbines of an army standard in the boot. It is in the well-fed and calm Bavaria that the police are equipped with body armor and helmets of the 4th level of protection. In our country, no one takes the threat of terrorism seriously. But this does not mean that it is not? The tactics of the terrorists have changed, and the tactics of the police units remains unchanged.
What can a simple police do? Provide a cordon, assemble a headquarters for emergency resolution, call negotiators ... Oh, and count the dead and inform relatives. Now there is simply no time to talk to anyone. You need to act quickly and aggressively. And this is something that the ordinary police are not taught ... Let's be frank, it’s stupid to demand that a policeman in a cap and a gun break into the room where some al-Breivik with automatic weapons operates. This is suicide, which no one is obligated to do for you. So rely on yourself. Help will come. Will definitely come. But to live until her arrival is only your task. Even when the police and special forces arrive at the place of execution, they will spend some time on reconnaissance and organization. And even if you go inside, the anti-terrorists will still not be able to deal with you until they secure all the premises. Tell them everything important that you could see (the number of attackers, their signs and the place where they can be) and try not to look like a criminal.

4. Old tips no longer apply. Whereas in Beslan, the bastards set conditions that were impossible, but in Mumbai, in Nairobi, in Paris, the goal was the same - the maximum amount of blood in the shortest time. Therefore, it makes no sense to behave unnoticed, hide Christian symbolism and teach the surahs from the Koran.
The councils of SAS, FBI and Tsarist counterintelligence veterans are already outdated. You will not have time to make friends with terrorists. When taking hostages, this behavior may have been justified. In mass executions - no.
You will not be able to lie low and wait for special forces - they simply will not be in time by the time your turn comes, to be opposite the trunk. This is not a hostage-taking, when you can buy off a terrorist with a helicopter and a million dollars in small unlabeled notes. This is an armed psycho, shooting in all directions. It’s impossible to pay off the infuriated AK assault rifle. To wait in such a situation is tantamount to waiting for your turn to the butcher. A hostage is simply a formal designation of a person caught in the power of an armed terrorist. A living target is a more accurate definition. Now only active actions help. Including collective. Waiting and passive actions in the current realities lead to death.
The reason for all this is simple - most victims of executions in public places die in the first five to ten minutes. Then the shooters run out of adrenaline or ammo. Some prefer to hide before the police arrive. And you just need to stay alive.

5. Learn first aid for gunshot wounds. This is not easy, but you need to be a hero to the end. Clamp a wound, bandage, apply a tourniquet, turn the victim on his side - this will be taught to you already in one-day courses of first aid. At more advanced first aid courses in terrorist attacks, they also teach the evacuation of victims and even their sorting. Take these courses. Spend the weekend profitably. Medical knowledge will never be superfluous and weigh nothing. Master the improvised first aid tools, and even better, take at least a hemostatic bag with you. You can not rely on special forces and doctors. The special forces will not have time to provide medical assistance. Most fighters will find themselves without the necessary skills or means. And professional doctors will arrive at the scene only when it is already safe there. That is, approximately 10-15 minutes after the special forces clean up all the premises. All bleeding will expire completely. This is another piece of advice - try to quickly leave the premises yourself and help with the evacuation of the wounded. Outside the police fence, you will already receive full assistance. But it is up to you to stop the bleeding immediately after the wound, because every second is precious in this matter.

6. Master disarmament techniques. It is enough to work out one method of protection from the pistol front and rear and the same thing from long-barreled weapons. It is important that the techniques are built on the same principles. The main thing is to leave the trunk line. The closer you are to the enemy, the better for you. The safest position is on the side or back of the weapon. Grab it, hold its weapon to you and turn it with your whole body. Use improvised means - chairs, fire extinguishers, everything that can be raised and hit them with the enemy. The ideal tactics of action is group. This is not what we came up with, this is what American schoolchildren and students are taught. A terrorist enters the room and several people attack him. 

Someone grabs a weapon, someone knocks down a killer, someone pours it all from a fire extinguisher, making it difficult to orient. In a person with a weapon, as a rule, vision is focused on sights. That's why you should attack from the flanks. For blinding, you can even throw a jacket or jacket over his head. Sounds funny? Check out the scout training tutorials. There, the capture and disarmament of the enemy is carried out precisely by pairs worked with separation of duties. And there are all of these elements - blinding, grabbing weapons, knocking down. Yes, you are not scouts. But you are more. It's about an improvised ambush.
We emphasize that no one says that it is easy to take away a weapon from a killer. But still there is nothing more complicated than surrendering and giving your life simply because someone has a machine gun, and you don’t have one. A “dead end” question is often asked - “How is it even possible to disarm a terrorist who fires from a long distance?” Probably not. But you can run away from him and hide.
In fact, very few shootings take place in conditions where a terrorist (there is no desire to call them “active shooters”) can shoot at people as targets, keeping a distance. Remember what we talked about in the first paragraph. The shootings take place anywhere - in cafes and schools, trains and shopping centers and often come down to the fact that the killer walks along the corridors, looking into the premises and shooting at everyone he sees. In such places, the distance to the shooter is not so great. There are walls, partitions, rooms, utility rooms. There are several exits from any building and it was rarely possible for terrorists to block them all. This takes extra power. Instead, they prefer to focus on places where there are more people. In addition, any weapon needs to be recharged. Use these seconds to attack.
In fact, when decisive and trained people appeared on the way of the killer, he was almost always able to disarm and stop him.

7. Be careful. Someone always sees something suspicious. For example, a person with a gun case in the school building. A man hiding something under a long cloak in hot weather. Feel free to tell security officers about them no matter how busy they look. This is their job. Be sure to pay attention to loud sounds. If shots and screams of people are heard somewhere, you should not think that this is a New Year's morning party with elements of fire training.
The first thing you should do is report the matter to the police. Not to relatives, not to acquaintances, but to those on whom your life will depend. The rate of fire of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is great. Every second counts. And on Facebook, then unsubscribe. As a surviving lucky, and maybe a hero. In your message, tell as accurately as possible what and where is happening. It is highly advisable to give a detailed picture of the attackers and their weapons. Example: “A shopping center is such and such, on such and such a street, the second floor, three people with machine guns shoot visitors. I hear shots also on the ground floor. People in masks and body armor, I see many wounded. " After that, the phone itself should be put into completely silent mode. You will have to run and hide, and SMS “Where are you there? We worry ”can turn you into a target. If there is no way to talk, and you are at the epicenter of events - just call the police. Shots and screams will say everything for you.
And you can start training mindfulness right now. Wherever you are, in the mall, cinema, school or in the office complex, note for yourself all the entrances and emergency exits. Have an idea of ​​where they are leading, whether they are locked and how much effort it may take to open them. It is not necessary to pull each door handle, but pay attention to the signs with the running man and the inscription "Emergency exit". At any moment, know how to get out of the room in which you are located and get to the escape routes.

8. Carry a weapon and know how to own it. We are aware of our laws, but they in no way limit your right to defend yourself with a knife. Go to any weapons or hunting store and select almost any knife that does not require permission. Or get permission for a weapon and choose any knife at all. Yes, a knife cannot be compared to a gun, but even a screwdriver in a hand is better than a carbine in a safe. DO NOT rely on non-lethal weapons! Tactical pens, gas cans and revolvers chambered by Flaubert are useless in a life-threatening situation. But the traumatic gun is worth taking with you even to the theater. There are also no commandments prohibiting going to church with weapons. In the United States, it is now often urged to ignore the "Weapon-Free Zones" and to carry it secretly with you. Better administrative responsibility than defenselessness. We do not have such zones, as well as legal short-barreled weapons. Alas, we cannot recommend avoiding weapons-free countries.
Learn to own your knife or traumatic gun. You still have to be in shape.

Just karate, a screwdriver, a knife and a gun require varying degrees of training.
Yes, weapons are not a panacea. But his absence is a sentence!
9. Run, hide, fight - the main advice for someone who is in the same building with the mass killer.
Running, freezing, and fighting are three natural human responses to a threat. Mankind is divided into people who, in a threatening situation, make one or another choice of the three possible. In our case, everything is more complicated, because depending on the circumstances, each of them will need to be applied. This formula was derived by the Americans on the basis of the analysis of many shooting incidents and was tested during many trainings and computer simulations. "Run, Hide, Fight" is the name of the training video released by the US Department of Homeland Security.
Running is the most preferable reaction ... This is the first thing to do with the sound of gunfire. Because the farther you are from the shooter, the harder it is to kill you. Even harder if you have a wall between you. If there are many walls between you and the police cordon, you can already stop, most likely you are safe. But for this we must run in the right direction. The right direction leads to the exit. Just always know where the two nearest exits are from where you are. Why two? One of them can be controlled by the shooter. There are many exits in any public place. This is due to the requirements of fire safety (schools, hospitals) and convenience (shopping centers, shops, restaurants). Emergency exits are often closed, but breaking a lock or knocking a door is still easier than stopping a bullet.
Running is not a shame. I am ashamed to become a victim. It makes sense to play Bruce Willis only if you have the right weapon. Running makes sense even when you are under fire. It is much harder to get into a running person. When running away from the shooter, try to always have something between you and the weapon. Trees, walls, ledges, columns, even tables (bend down or stand on all fours, move covertly and without protruding). It’s good if you lead more people along your flight. Then, mathematics will also act on your side, because the probability of getting into you will be inversely proportional to the number of people running. But do not waste time persuading the rest. The best agitator is your personal example and the desperate whisper “Run!”. Categorically you can not drag bags and bulky things. Under fire, one cannot help the fallen either. You will turn into a group motionless target. Run. But what about the one who fell? Measure, impersonate the dead ... This is the second protective reaction of the body and it is designed specifically for such situations. When Klebold and Harris shot schoolchildren in the Columbia school library, some managed to escape under direct fire by pretending to be dead. This is not the best way, but it worked. Typically, groans and requests for mercy caused these two freaks to only finish off shots.

You will have to freeze in a situation where it is so easy not to get to the exit. In such cases, it makes sense to close in some suitable room (for example, a utility room), barricade the door and wait for help. If the room is on the ground floor, then it is possible to evacuate from its windows. Just watch that the attackers do not shoot the escape routes. And help should be expected in complete silence, closing the doors, as well as arming and preparing to attack anyone who tries to break into the room. How this is best done is described in the part on disarmament. By the way, it is not recommended to hide in the toilets - these places are always checked, it is difficult to barricade yourself and there are no improvised items. Why hide and barricade yourself? A criminal rarely has time to conduct a full cleaning of the premises, especially if the door is locked and there is clearly no one behind it. He will find a lighter target behind an unlocked door. It was almost always possible to hide - both during the capture of the Nord-Ost and during school executions. And if there is nowhere and once to hide? Then fight!
Yes, fighting an armed criminal is hard. But almost always, when several people attacked an armed terrorist, they managed to take away their weapons. Do not try to agitate someone - set an example and ask for help, already clutching the machine gun. The arrow must first be grabbed by the weapon and try to lead in a safe direction. Then the weapon itself should be taken away. The rest should be grabbed by the hands, tearing them from the handle, hung on the neck, unbalancing, hit on the head, strangled with improvised objects. Yes, this is dangerous. But a shot in the back of the head is generally fatal. So choose from two evils that you can at least try to stop.
There are no promises about what we are writing. No one guarantees you that you will survive. It is impossible to determine the intentions of a bad person with a weapon. 

Whether it is a question of hostage-taking or a mass slaughter - you will know about it only when it is all over. But hostage-taking often goes into their execution, and execution often goes into the stage of hostage-taking. When taking hostages, terrorists often use explosive devices, leaving no chance. Of course, it is psychologically more comfortable for people to feel hostages. It gives hope. But when the enemy decided to arrange a massacre, the word "meat" sounds more appropriate here. I do not want to insult the memory of the victims of executions in public places, but there is nothing more humiliating than dying at the hands of bastards who think they are gods because they have weapons and others don’t.

10 The most stupid thing is to follow the common advice “Avoid crowded places” After all, if we all stay at home without sticking our nose out the door, this will mean only one thing. They got their way. The terrorists won.