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The Suunto Core is a versatile, innovative outdoor sports watch.

The award-winning Suunto Core Series watch collect a variety of data

that will be useful in exploring the wilderness of the planet.


The upper limit of the altimeter range is 9000 m.

It will undoubtedly be useful where you need to know the height and speed of descent or ascent.

The Suunto Core altimeter has the function of determining the height difference.

It will determine how close you are to the top. The log of heights records all your movements from the beginning to the end.

After returning home, you will be able to re-experience the ascent: see the graphs of changes in altitude,

the maximum height above sea level, the duration of descents and ascents, the average speed and other indicators.


In Suunto Core watch you can see a detailed graph of atmospheric pressure over the past 24 hours.

Values ​​are recorded at intervals of 30 minutes.

A very handy feature is the weather forecast indicator.

It allows you to quickly determine the weather conditions for the near future.

With a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure (it may indicate deteriorating weather), a storm warning is triggered.

Automatic switching between barometer and altimeter

In Suunto Core watch the altimeter mode and the barometer mode are switched automatically.

Intellectual function determines whether you are moving or not, and on the basis of this mode selects.

When climbing the device takes into account the change in altitude above sea level.

And during a rest halt  it shows the change in barometric pressure.

That is, the pressure drop during an overnight stay under the stars will be extracted correctly:

as a change in barometric pressure, and not as a change in altitude.


The digital compass shows full or half points and north direction.

The declination correction function allows to eliminate the discrepancy between true and magnetic north.

In the compass, you can turn on the azimuth mode to help you stick to the chosen direction on rough terrain.

In most models, the compass has a rotating bezel, as in conventional magnetic compasses,

and a convenient function of fixing the azimuth.

Depth gauge

The depth gauge in Suunto Core watches is designed for snorkeling with a snorkel.

The instrument shows the current depth and maximum depth reached during the dive.

Maximum working depth is 10 m.


They show time (two time zones are supported) and date. They also have an alarm clock, sports chronograph, countdown timer.

Among other things, you can find out the time of sunset and sunrise in more than 400 cities of the world.


Altimeter with height log and height measurement function

Barometer with storm warning function and weather indicator

Automatic switching between altimeter and barometer

Compass with semi-automatic calibration and digital azimuth control



Depth gauge is up to 10m for scuba diving with a tube (Water protection 30 meters)

Display time and date, alarm clock, support for two time zones, countdown timer

Replaceable battery: CR2032

Menu is in several languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish).

Dimensions: 49.1 x 49.1 x 14.5 mm

Weight: 83gr

Bezel: Steel

Glass: Mineral Crystal

Body: Composite

Strap: Silicone

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Suunto Core Lime Crush Watch

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SKU 2000000006024
Brand Suunto
Made in China