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   Punisher online store offers in Ukraine a wide selection of accessories for army, tactical and tracking shoes at an affordable price. The catalog contains gaiters, insoles, laces and shoe care products from domestic, British and American manufacturers. 

Accessories for tactical shoes

   Army, tactical and trekking shoes are exceptionally reliable types of military and tourist equipment that provide foot protection in conditions of military operations, field exercises, military special operations, long trips over rough terrain. However, the degree of reliability of such shoes largely depends on trifles - the strength of the laces, the convenience and functionality of shoe insoles, the quality of water-repellent impregnations, etc.
   Accessories, like the shoes themselves, are subjected to extreme mechanical, chemical, temperature stresses, get wet in the rain and dry out in the sun. Therefore, no less high technical requirements are imposed on them.

  • Regular laces are not suitable for tactical shoes - they do not withstand constant loads. Therefore, military and tourist shoes are equipped with laces with silicone or wax impregnation - it protects them from water, temperature extremes and solar ultraviolet radiation.
  • Insoles in such shoes should have an orthopedic design, quickly remove moisture, provide good air exchange, and maintain wear resistance after many hours, and sometimes days of continuous wearing of shoes. Therefore, it is better to choose orthopedic sports insoles with a springy and well moisture-removing base.
  • Any shoes with heavy rainfall will not be able to provide 100% water resistance, and special gaiters made of water-repellent membrane fabrics will be useful for protecting your feet. 
  • It is also necessary to take timely care of tactical and tracking shoes, periodically applying wax or silicone moisture-proofing impregnations on the surface, protecting structural materials and extending the service life of boots and sneakers.

   These accessories are also necessary for tourists, hunters and fishermen who spend a lot of time in the open, often do not have the opportunity to dry and maintain shoes in comfortable conditions. Therefore, in the backpack of an experienced traveler there should always be spare insoles, laces, additional protection from rainfall and shoe care products - then the legs will always remain dry, and the shoes will last for many years.

Shoe accessories in Ukraine

   Our catalog contains a wide range of accessories for army, tactical and trekking shoes:

  • tourist gaiters;
  • orthopedic sports insoles;
  • tracking laces with impregnation and waxed;
  • impregnation sprays for shoes.

   Accessories and shoe care products are original and presented by well-known brands M-Tac, Mil-tec, Outdoor Research, as well as contract manufacturers of equipment and accessories for the British army. The products are tested in difficult climatic and technical conditions, reliable and meet quality standards for tactical goods. 
   Here you can choose gaiters in a wide range of colors (full size range - Small - L / XL). Laces have a length of 135-175 mm. Delivery of goods in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine - as soon as possible.