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     The Punisher online store offers military professionals, law enforcement and security personnel, as well as private owners of weapons, army holsters and pouches for pistol clips and submachine guns on favorable terms. The catalog of the store contains accessories for carrying weapons from world famous manufacturers of equipment for armies and special forces of NATO countries.

 Tactical Holsters and Gun Pouches: Requirements

     Holsters for combat and traumatic pistols, as well as pouches for spare clips - equipment that performs several important tasks:

       •             creates the convenience and comfort of carrying weapons on the body;

       •             improves gun storage safety;

       •             protects weapons from accidental loss or firing;

       •             allows you to quickly use weapons if necessary.

     Army holsters and pouches are created taking into account the extreme operation of high-quality genuine leather, high-impact plastic and nylon. They are sewn ergonomically and reliably, designed to be worn on the thigh, on the belt and under the arm, equipped with convenient mounts and clamps to keep the weapon in a safe position, have a wide color gamut, are practical and unpretentious in care. 

 Buy army holsters and pouches in Ukraine

     The catalog of our store presents a large selection of professional tactical accessories for carrying weapons:

       •             pistol holsters, waist, hip, holster-liners, pouches for spare clips;

       •             universal pouches, for hydrators, mobile radio and weather stations, toiletries;

       •             pouches for pistol clips and machine guns;

       •             weapons accessories - belts for hidden weapons, hips, belt adapters, safety cords, mounts for batons and gas canisters.

     Equipment and accessories are presented by A-line, Beretta, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech, Cytac, Eagle Industries, Emerson, FLYYE, LBT, M-Tac, Magpul, Mil-tec, Safariland, TAG, TMC, Tactical Tailor, ToySoldier and other manufacturers professional tactical equipment for the NATO armies and police units in Europe and the USA.

     All equipment is original, tested in combat conditions, designed to operate under extreme mechanical and climatic loads, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. You can order and buy new and used holsters and pouches directly in the store’s catalog using the convenient product search system, and we will promptly deliver your order to any city in Ukraine.