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Warm Thermal Underwear (Level 2)

   Punisher online store offers military, police, security, search and rescue services, tourists, hunters and fishermen to buy military thermal underwear in Ukraine from the best world manufacturers of tactical clothing for the NATO and US armies. The catalog contains warming underwear sets, thermal jackets, pullovers, pants at reasonable prices.  

Warm Thermal Underwear: characteristics

   Level 2 is a military warming underwear, sewn from modern light and dense Polartec Power Dry fabric. Its “waffle” structure is based on transverse air channels, due to which the fabric removes excess moisture, while maintaining body heat. Clothing systems ECWCS and PCU provide for wearing a second layer of thermal underwear in combination with the first, which removes sweat. But in practice, with low physical activity, it is enough to limit yourself to Level 2, consisting of pants and a sweatshirt with a long sleeve.
   Warm Thermal Underwear (Level 2): 

  • provides rapid removal of moisture and sweat during active physical exertion;
  • keeps the skin of the body dry (good vapor permeability), which eliminates hypothermia in cold weather;
  • provides effective thermoregulation (retains heat) and good air exchange;
  • very thin, light and elastic, does not constrain movements, does not take up much space in baggage;
  • stitched according to flat-seam technology, does not rub or irritate the skin.

   Warming thermal underwear can be worn for several days without removing. It is ventilated, does not absorb odors, sweat and dirt, provides a high level of hygiene and antibacterial protection (special impregnation), is unpretentious in maintenance - it is well washed and retains its characteristics, strength and color after many washes.
   The products are universal, comfortable to wear in military, field and urban conditions, indispensable in the performance of official duties and work in the fresh air in the cold season. They perfectly protect against hypothermia and frostbite during training, camping, fishing or hunting.

Warm Thermal Underwear in Ukraine

   The catalog of the store presents army warming underwear from the Ukrainian brand M-Tac and contract manufacturers of clothing for the US Army. You can choose and order from us:

  • pants warmed;
  • sweatshirts with a long sleeve;
  • pullovers;
  • NATO thermal underwear in sets.

   Underwear insulated underwear designed and sewn with the expectation of constant wear in frosty and wet weather, repeatedly tested in combat and field conditions, is made of multi-layer membrane fabric, has strong flat seams. Each product is characterized by great strength, wear resistance, does not absorb sweat and dirt, perfectly withstands multiple washings.
The presented underwear sets are original, meet the standards of tactical clothing systems PCU, ECWCS, are protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. The catalog offers a full size range and a wide range of colors.
   Lingerie is considered ideal clothing for warming not only the military, but also civilians of extreme professions, tourists, fishermen and hunters. When choosing, always consider the completeness, size, manufacturer's recommendations and price. The size of the laundry should match your physical parameters, as too loose fit does not provide a snug fit to the body and reduces the warming effect, and linen that is small, wears out faster.
   You can order warming underwear in the store’s catalog using the integrated search system, and we will deliver your goods in Kiev and any city of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.