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Hats and Caps

   Punisher online store offers military hats to buy in Ukraine at reasonable prices. In the store’s catalog you can find new and used hats, caps, panama, balaclava, buffs and scarves in military style from the Ukrainian brand M-TAC and contracted American army manufacturers.

Military hats: features and benefits 

   Protecting the head of a soldier and an officer is critical to maintaining combat effectiveness and adequate perception of the situation in the field. If the helmet protects the head from mechanical injuries and injuries, then standard headwear is the protection of its health from hypothermia, overheating, dust, dirt and wind.
   Therefore, in every modern army, many types and models of tactical hats are used, each of which has its own purpose and is worn taking into account the environment, tasks and climatic conditions. Their main function is protective and masking. In tactical conditions, fighters prefer caps, hats and warm hats with camouflage or protective colors.
   Such military hats:

  • sewn from durable, wear-resistant fabrics;
  • have a mandatory moisture removal and ventilation system;
  • are completed with velcro flypapers for fastening of identification signs / cockade;
  • may have an internal pocket for personal tags.

   Caps and hats - products to protect the head of a military specialist in the summer from the bright sun and heat stroke. Winter hats and balaclava avoids hypothermia or frostbite, scarves and buffs - demi-season protection against precipitation and variable temperatures.
   Tactical hats are universal and indispensable in civilian life: fishing, hunting, hiking, in the country. They have a stylish look and are popular with fans of the military style in clothes.

Army hats in Ukraine 

   The catalog of the store contains army hats of American, German, Chinese and Ukrainian production.

  • tactical panamas and caps;
  • all-weather hats;
  • balaclava;
  • scarves and buffs.

   Hats and panama pieces from American contract manufacturers, which are part of the US Army soldier's outfit, deserve special attention. Such products are made of high-tech, modern fabrics and provide maximum comfort for the user.
   Each military headdress is an original product of the tactical brands M-Tac, MSM, Mil-tec, T.S.N.K, Vertx, 5.11 Tactical, Outdoor Research, Silynx and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army.
   All products are designed and sewn from durable, wear-resistant and hygienic natural fabrics, perfectly retain their shape and appearance during extreme combat and field operation for a long time. The catalog contains tactical hats of all sizes, with many colors and camouflage patterns.
   The military headgear is universal and will provide protection of the head from precipitation, temperature changes and solar ultraviolet radiation to police officers, security and rescue services specialists, tourists, hunters and fishermen, as well as military style connoisseurs.
   You can choose tactical hats, caps, panams and scarves in the store catalog. When choosing a product, use the built-in search system on the site by manufacturer, size, color and cost, and we will deliver your order to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.