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   The Punisher online store offers to buy a tactical flashlight on favorable terms from well-known world and Ukrainian manufacturers. The catalog contains tactical, portable, head-on, signal, under-barrel and tourist lights, as well as a wide selection of specialized mounts for them.

Tactical flashlights: types and characteristics

   The tactical flashlight is included in the equipment of the operational units and is used to illuminate objects in the dark or in conditions of limited visibility. Since such a flashlight is used in extreme conditions, it has:

  • metal case, well protected from moisture and dust;
  • durable mineral glass that protects the light source from mechanical damage;
  • long-life lamp that withstands mechanical, vibration and temperature loads;
  • reliable, durable and reusable power sources that ensure the operation of the device for several days;
  • a set of additional options useful in the field (changing the brightness of the light flux, energy-saving mode, search strobe-beacon mode, etc.).

   Tactical flashlights can be hand-held full-size (portable) - with a long metal handle that can be used as a weapon for self-defense, or compact (for carrying in your pocket). In addition, in any army, other types of flashlights are used:

  • head-on (helmet-mounted) - compact LED light sources that give bright focused light and leave your hands free;
  • underbarrel - mounted on weapons, focus a narrow light beam on the object of attention and have special mounts (Picatinny rail);
  • portable headlights (searchlights) - superbright and massive lamps for night flood lighting of a large territory.

   A separate category is tourist lanterns. They are almost not inferior to tactical models in terms of characteristics, security and all-weather, but slightly less powerful and lighter. Such lamps can use different types of lamps (incandescent, halogen, xenon, LED) and different power sources - AA batteries or lithium rechargeable batteries, which can provide several days of operation without recharging.
   When choosing a flashlight for work, outdoor activities or domestic use, consider several useful rules:

  • Universal flashlights "for all occasions" do not exist. Choose the model of the lighting fixture taking into account the intended purpose and operating conditions.
  • Cheap flashlights are unsuitable in extreme conditions and can only be used in domestic conditions.
  • Expensive flashlights can have maximum protection and a lot of additional options that you simply will not need in practice.

Tactical flashlights in Ukraine

   Our store offers a wide selection of flashlights of various types, including military ones and accessories. The catalog contains:

  • tactical lighting kits;
  • lanterns military (army) portable;
  • tactical flashlights portable and underbarrel;
  • signal lights;
  • tourist lanterns;
  • headlamps and helmets with mounts;
  • IR lights;
  • fastenings on a belt, head, helmet, weapon, steering wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle.

   Each flashlight is tactical, like other types of flashlights presented in our store, are original products of the famous brands CED, Emerson, Energizer, Fenix, First Light USA, Fulton, M-Tac, Petzl, Princeton Tec, Rigid Industries, Streamlight and SureFire, engaged in the production of professional lighting equipment for military and civilian purposes.
   The lights are reliable, have durable shockproof housings, are effective and trouble-free in extreme combat, field, technical and climatic conditions, provide high light output and high energy efficiency, can have several modes of operation and can shine for up to 1-3 days on a single battery charge, certified and protected by manufacturers warranty.
   Also pay attention to used tactical flashlights, which are in perfect working condition, not inferior in technical characteristics to new devices. But substantially cheaper. We provide fast delivery of goods in Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.

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