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   Punisher online store offers to buy a tactical backpack on favorable terms. The catalog contains the best basic, patrol, assault, tourist and city backpacks from the best suppliers of equipment for the US Army.

Military backpack: types and characteristics

   Military backpacks are included in the mandatory equipment kit of a fighter of a tactical unit and are designed for the individual carrying of uniform elements, weapons, ammunition, personal items and food rations. Its main advantage: the ability to quickly carry and always keep at hand what the soldier needs to complete the task.
   This product is the most durable and reliable in operation, since it must withstand severe weight and mechanical loads, reliably protect the contents from damage and climatic influences, precipitation, chemical environments and exposure to sunlight.
   Since fighters of tactical units have to perform various tasks and move at different distances, backpacks have different designs and dimensions, are designed for different levels of loads and are divided into several types: 

  • Main backpack (for raids) - designed for long crossings or transportation for 5-7 days, has a volume of up to 120 liters, is very capacious and allows you to carry a complete set of uniforms, weapons and rations of a fighter. Therefore, it has a powerful and very durable design with belt support for reinforced shoulder straps.
  • Patrol backpack - designed for local marching throws lasting up to 3 days, compact and has an internal volume of up to 80 liters, equipped with a large number of additional pockets.
  • Assault (tactical) backpack - the most compact and convenient, has a volume of up to 30 liters and is designed to carry only the necessary things for conducting quick military operations and small march-throws within 1-2 days.

   Why is a tactical backpack needed and important? Because for tourists, fishermen and hunters, it will be an ideal solution to the problem of transporting clothes, equipment, weapons, gear and ammunition in any conditions, since:

  • constructively thought out and as practical as possible for carrying over long distances;
  • sewn taking into account extreme operating conditions;
  • allows you to evenly distribute the weight load on the shoulders;
  • provides maximum mechanical and climatic protection of contents;
  • does not get wet, does not tear, almost does not burn and does not fade;
  • equipped with practical pockets, reliable locks and fittings;
  • low noise and does not allow things to move inside. 

Buy a tactical backpack in Ukraine 

   The catalog of the store contains army backpacks of all types, which are produced by the best world brands of the USA, Germany, China and Ukraine, which are also used by soldiers of the US and NATO armies:

  • basic;
  • patrol;
  • assault;
  • one strap;
  • tactical backpacks (for snipers, doctors);
  • M-Tac backpack in Ukrainian production.

   Tactical equipment is represented by contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army and other brands 5.11 Tactical, Eagle Industries, Eberlestock, FLYYE, Kelty, LBT, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Mystery Ranch, Phoenix, T3, TSSi и Vertx. 

   Each military backpack is designed and sewn taking into account a specific tactical purpose, combat, field and extreme climatic conditions of operation, undergoes multi-level factory tests, is reliable, durable and protected by a certificate and manufacturer's guarantee. 

   When choosing, take into account the scope of use of the product, dimensions, volume and capacity, especially the mounts for carrying, the location of the pockets and the reliability of the locks. 

   Professional military backpacks can be ordered in the store’s catalog. The built-in product search system will help you choose a product by country of manufacture, brand, color and price. To save on purchase, you can also choose a used backpack in the catalog - it is reliable, not inferior in quality and performance to new products, but significantly cheaper. Order delivery - to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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