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   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical camouflage T-shirts in Ukraine from the best suppliers of uniforms and uniforms for the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains T-shirts and polos for soldiers of German, Chinese and Ukrainian production at an adequate price.

Military T-Shirts: Features

   A T-shirt is a type of light clothing that is worn on a naked body in the summer, and in the cold season it serves as the first layer of underwear, both for military specialists and for civilian wardrobe. For more than 50 years, a protective and camouflage T-shirt has been a part of military uniforms for NATO armies, and since the 90s of the XX century it has become a part of the everyday uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and meets the standards of tactical equipment:

  • sewn from mixed fabric (cotton + elastane) with durable seams;
  • withstands fairly strong mechanical and abrasive loads;
  • removes moisture well and provides high-quality air exchange;
  • hygienic and does not absorb unpleasant odors and sweat;
  • has a plain color (khaki, olive, etc.) or camouflage colors;
  • easy to maintain and withstands many washings without loss of quality.

   A separate look - a military polo shirt, which is sewn from cotton, polycotton or Coolmax material, has a small collar, a cutout on the chest for 2-3 buttons, a chest pocket on the left and cuffs on the sleeves (can be short or long), can be worn under trousers and tucked shorts or run-outs.

   T-shirts may have other uniform colors for security and civilian specialists, and for those who like military style clothes, original prints with different symbols.

Camouflage T-shirts in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents military t-shirts of German, Chinese and Ukrainian production, which are used by soldiers of the tactical units of the US, NATO and APU armies. We offer:

  • army protective and camouflage t-shirts;
  • tactical polo t-shirts;
  • men's and women's t-shirts with designer prints (military style).

   T-shirts are constantly worn with military uniforms in combat and field conditions. T-shirts are made of durable mixed fabrics based on cotton and synthetic fibers, are characterized by maximum wear resistance, resistance to abrasion, the effects of temperature extremes, high humidity, rainfall, dust and dirt.

   The material is durable, removes excess moisture well, dries quickly, provides high-quality air exchange, is unpretentious in leaving, does not lose its properties with frequent washing.
   T-shirts are not only optimal as tactical clothing, but also good in civilian life - they are preferred by tourists, hunters, fishers, police, rescuers, and security officers. Many models are unisex designed to be worn by men and women.
   The t-shirts and polo shirts that we have presented are original, released by the famous brands Kramatan, Mil-tec, Peklo.Toys, Punisher, R3ICH, T.S.N.K and Under Armor, are protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. You can place an order directly in the store’s catalog, and our Voentorg will quickly deliver the goods to the specified address in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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