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   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical belts in Ukraine from the best contract manufacturers of uniforms for the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains trouser, tactical, safety belts, holding slings and belt mounts of American, Chinese and Ukrainian production at reasonable prices.

Tactical belts: specifications 

   A tactical belt is an indispensable part of army uniforms and uniforms of militarized units (police, security, rescuers), which has both a decorative parade function and many practical applications - carrying weapons and equipment, hauling blood vessels when injured, etc. 
   Until recently, military experts used two types of belts - a tactical trouser belt (tucked into the straps of trousers and pants) and a waist belt (worn on top of a jacket or dress uniform). In the field, the waist belt was used as a base for attaching holsters with service weapons, knives, flasks, sapper shovels and pouches.
   Today, a tactical waist belt continues to be used. The waist belt remained only for the full dress. Instead, fastening belts with additional fastenings, safety belts and holding slings are used. They are included in the tactical belt-shoulder system of the fighter’s equipment and allow you to fix the equipment on the uniform more practical and evenly distribute the weight load. 
   These products:

  • made of strong, wear-resistant and durable materials (genuine leather, cordura, nylon);
  • withstand strong mechanical and weight loads;
  • retain elasticity at any temperature, inert to high humidity;
  • hygienic and hypoallergenic, non-marking, do not absorb unpleasant odors and dust;
  • equipped with convenient fasteners and buckles made of polymer fastex.

   All tactical belts have their own specialized purpose and a wide range of colors for different types and colors of uniforms, comply with statutory standards. 

Army belts in Ukraine

   We offer tactical belts and belts of the American, Ukrainian and Chinese production for a complete set of military (US Army and AFU) and police uniforms. The catalog contains:

  • army trouser belt;
  • tactical belt;
  • safety belt;
  • holding slings;
  • belt mounts.

   All accessories presented are original, supplied by the brands ACM, Arc'teryx, Blackhawk !, Blade-Tech, LBT, M-Tac, Yates Gear and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army and the US Marine Corps.

   Belts are designed for use with uniforms and equipment of tactical units in combat, field and difficult climatic conditions, are made from the most durable, wear-resistant and durable materials, have a reliable and practical design, withstand large mechanical, weight and abrasive loads, maintain elasticity at low temperatures and high humidity.

   The tactical belt is a universal accessory that can be used not only in military equipment, but also in civilian life, in outfitting tourists, hunters and fishermen, in the wardrobe of military style connoisseurs.

   You can choose tactical belts in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system, and we will quickly deliver goods in Kiev and to other cities of Ukraine.

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