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   The Punisher online store offers to buy military patches and chevrons in Ukraine for units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, as well as civilian versions of patches with a variety of patterns that can emphasize your personality. The catalog contains breast and sleeve patches for tactical uniforms from Ukrainian manufacturers of ammunition at an adequate price.

Military stripes and chevrons 

   Military chevrons and stripes are indispensable attributes of tactical uniforms that have performed two functions over the past 500 years: they serve as identification signs of “friend or foe” and allow identifying a soldier’s belonging to a particular type of army and military unit. 

   Army patches are sleeve and breast:

  • sleeve insignia determine the type of army or unit;
  • breast stripes carry “personal” information: they emphasize the status of a fighter, report their rank, surname and blood type.

   This identification system is also used by the police, security services, rescuers and specialists of the Ministry of Emergencies. The patches and chevrons on the clothes of fans of the military style in clothes are not so strict and can contain any information about their owner - participation in any public or paramilitary organization, patriotic views or personal preferences.
   Modern stripes and chevrons no longer need to be sewn, as it was before. They are made from durable synthetic materials that are resistant to wear, mechanical and climatic stress, high humidity and dust. And on the back side of the product they have Velcro, with which they are firmly attached to special fleecy patch sites and straps on uniforms.

Army patches in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents sleeve and breast military stripes from manufacturers of equipment and equipment. We offer:

  • military chevrons and stripes (APU, military intelligence, US and NATO armies);
  • chevrons of the National Guard, police, ICSU;
  • decorative stripes and chevrons for tactical uniforms, and military clothing;
  • panels for patches.

   Elements of equipment are original and presented by the brands M-Tac, Shkval, R3ICH and VanOsImports. The products are made of wear-resistant materials according to the standards of tactical uniforms, resistant to extreme combat, field and climatic conditions, high humidity, precipitation and solar ultraviolet.
   Chevrons and stripes in our catalog:

  • can be made in black and white or color;
  • have a different design direction;
  • contain well-designed graphic images and clear inscriptions in English and Ukrainian;
  • securely attached to uniforms (patch panels) with Velcro.

   Military patches and chevrons can be selected in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system, and we will quickly deliver your order in Kiev or to any other city in Ukraine.

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