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Active headsets 3M Peltor

   The online shop of Punisher suggests to buy the professional active headsets of Peltor of the Swedish-American production at adequate price. In a catalogue a tactical radio equipment is presented with the function of protecting from strong noises for soldiery, constabulary, guard and rescue subdivisions, sport shooters, airsoft players and hunters.

 Active headsets of Peltor

   Active headsets of Peltor are a wide model row of high-efficiency premium headphone, that is equip soldiery subdivisions of armies of the USA and NATO. An equipment is counted on the quality protecting of ears of shooters from loud sounds and noises in the process of realization of battle operations and creation of naturalistic voice picture of environment.

   Active headsets of Peltor - it:

      • reliability, wearproofness and longevity of exploitation in any extreme terms;

      • quality sound absorbing materials and technologies of electronic for noise reduction;

      • compactness and well-knit construction ultra-portable;

      • high level of recognition of sounds and speech; Headphones 3M Peltor

      • managed metallic well-knit headband;

      • fastening possibility on a tactical helmet;

      • dielectric defence of cover ages;

      • shockproof cups of headsets;

      • improved sealing rings of cups with the dense fitting closely to the ears no-pressure.

   In such headsets a fighter feels comfortably and it is protected, does not test pressure on a facial skin and ears. Headsets are reliably protected from the over falls of temperatures, humidity, influence of dust and dirt, steady to the mechanical loading and counted on the protracted extreme exploitation.

 To buy the active headsets of Peltor in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop active headsets and headsets of the Swedish production are presented for an equipment by tactical communication of servicemen of armies of NATO, constabulary, counterterrorist subdivisions, guard and rescue services, professional sportsmen-shooters means, airsoft players and hunters:

      • active tactical headsets and headsets of Peltor Komtak 3;

      • 3m headsets with noise canceling (XP);

      • field models under setting on tactical helmets;

      • models for the sport firing (series of Sport Range Guard).

   These models of headsets strengthen weak sounds, reduce a noise background and sharp clicks, provide valuable stereo effect, well recognize speech in surrounding noise. They are ideal not only in a battle and tactical situation, but also will be useful at airsoft tournaments, rifle training, during a command hunt.

   The presented equipment of Peltor is the active headsets from an original producer, protected by certificates and guarantee. In the catalogue of shop it is possible to choose specialized new and/at a model for battle, training or sport application. At the choice of commodities, use the comfortable system of search, and we will deliver your order in any point Ukraine in minimum terms.

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