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Shoulder straps and cockades

   The Punisher online store offers to buy epaulets and cockades in Ukraine for uniform of military and police specialists at an adequate price. The catalog contains the staff insignia of the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Police and the Rescue Service.

Shoulder straps and badges for military and police

   Shoulder straps are an obligatory attribute of a military uniform in all armies of the world, as well as in law enforcement and security units, and serve to identify the military / service rank of a specialist, as well as belonging to a certain type of army. They are worn on the shoulders, or on the chest strap (field version), and are attached with Velcro. 
   Cockades on the uniform are the distinctive signs of the military branch or the professional specifics of a particular service. They are attached to the headpiece with Velcro or sewn. 
   The appearance, form, and informational component of epaulettes and cockades are determined by internal charters and orders of each department. For example, shoulder straps of a police major are characteristically different from shoulder straps of a lieutenant of the Rescue Service or a customs adviser. And just one look at them is enough to get the maximum data on the status of a fighter or specialist.

   According to orders of law enforcement agencies, these military attributes have strictly defined sizes, shape, color, protective elements and requirements for placement on uniforms. For example, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the junior lieutenant must wear epaulets with the colors of a kind of troops on dress and casual uniforms, and breast-coat epaulets with a camouflage pattern are provided for the field service jacket.

   Cockades for tactical form are also made inconspicuous to provide the required level of camouflage. And, for example, for police officers, the cockade has a large size and bright colors, as it should be visible from afar and signal that you are a servant of the law.
   Shoulder straps and cockades are subject to high operational requirements, since these attributes are worn constantly and often - in extreme climatic and technical conditions:

  • sewn from durable, wear-resistant materials;
  • embroidered with wear-resistant polymer thread;
  • have a rigid, reinforced structure;
  • covered with protective impregnations and films to protect against moisture and dust;
  • equipped with Velcro for quick and reliable fastening on the straps and patch panels of uniforms.

   Shoulder straps and cockades have a neat, strict appearance, exactly correspond to the statutory requirements, do not fade or fade over time, and are designed to be worn for many years.  

Shoulder straps and cockades in Ukraine 

   We offer attributes of military uniforms for fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rescue Service employees from Ukrainian manufacturers of tactical uniforms and ammunition. The catalog contains:

  • shoulder straps (junior lieutenant, lieutenant, captain, major, police lieutenant colonel) with Velcro;
  • sleeve chevrons of the National Guard, police and Rescue Service;
  • cockade for a beret, cap for the military, National Guard, police, Rescue Service.

   The presented products comply with the statutory and technical standards of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, are made of mechanically strong, wear-resistant and durable materials, are designed to be worn in extreme field conditions, are not afraid of temperature changes, humidity, solar ultraviolet radiation, and do not absorb dust and dirt. 

   Most of the attributes of a military uniform are equipped with Velcro, with the help of which they quickly and reliably fasten to headgear, sleeve and chest patch panels on a shirt, tunic, field jacket, overcoat, pea jacket or jacket. 

   You can choose cockades, chevrons and epaulets of the second lieutenant of police, Rescue Service, National Guard, AFU, as well as other attributes of a military uniform for soldiers and officers uniforms in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system. When choosing, consider the type of troops or the type of power units, the rank and purpose of the product. Delivery - in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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