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Shelters and Tent

   Punisher online store offers army tents and Camping Tents, fishermen and hunters on favorable terms. Our catalog contains durable and waterproof mobile equipment for living and weather protection in the field, which are equipped with the armies of NATO and the USA. 

Military tents: types and characteristics

   The army tent is one of the best field quick-assembled dwellings in the history of mankind for accommodating personnel, headquarters, chancellery and military depots. A tent is a modernized bash tents previously used by the armies of Ancient Rome. Since then, nothing more mobile, convenient, unpretentious and practical for military field camps has been invented.
   Modern military tents:

  • sewn from strong, wear-resistant and durable fabrics;
  • have additional internal insulation for operation in the cold season;
  • are strengthened by water-repellent impregnations and membrane layers of fabric for protection against rainfall;
  • resistant to strong winds, dust and dirt;
  • equipped with windows, partitions, special compartments for storing things, mosquito nets to protect against insects;
  • have an elastic, windproof frame, which is quickly assembled and disassembled;
  • are completed with convenient and reliable brackets;
  • quickly assemble in covers and are easily transported.

   A military tent can be designed for 1, 2, 3, 4 - 50 people, has a frameless or frame (steel, aluminum, plastic) structure, is covered with a solid or composite external tent, is equipped with insulation or water-proof layers of mixed and membrane materials, designed for field use in summer, winter or year-round (all-weather model). There are also awnings with reinforced windproof structures.

   Army tents are used to shelter objects in the field, and are used as awnings for temporary warehouses, hospitals and staff areas, they are well protected from precipitation and solar ultraviolet radiation.
   An army tent, which you can buy in our store with delivery in Ukraine, is considered an ideal solution for protection from the weather and cold during a camping trip, during a trip to nature, fishing or hunting. Such a temporary housing can be folded compactly, easily fit in a backpack or car trunk, installed in 10-15 minutes in any area, copes with climatic stresses, lasts as long as possible and has a low cost.

Army tent: buy in Ukraine

   The catalog of the store presents tourist and soldier tents of the American, Norwegian, Ukrainian and other countries of production:

  • universal single;
  • mosquito nets;
  • army;
  • tent tents;
  • bash tents and tents for protection against rainfall.

   The equipment is represented by well-known brands ENO, Eureka, GearLab, LiteFighter, Mission Critical Designs AS and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army and the Marine Corps. The products are original, certified, undergo thorough factory quality control, and are protected by a manufacturers guarantee.

   Each army tent is sewn from strong, wear-resistant and durable modern materials, have membrane layers and water-repellent impregnations, are resistant to temperature changes and high humidity, chemicals, biological organisms and solar ultraviolet.

   In the catalog you can choose monophonic or camouflage Camping Tents for the required number of places, with additional pockets for things. For those who want to save on equipment, a second-hand military tent is suitable, which is not inferior in quality, but significantly cheaper than new analogues. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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