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Helmets units

   The Punisher online store offers servicemen, employees of special and security units, airsoft players, cyclists and motorcyclists to buy in Ukraine original accessories, covers for tactical helmets used in the NATO and US armies. The catalog contains new and used accessories for a wide range of purposes for completing tactical helmets on favorable terms. 

Accessories for tactical helmets

   Previously, a military helmet performed only one task - it protected the fighter’s head from accidental damage and injuries from striking elements, but modern tactical helmets turned into a multifunctional element of a soldier’s outfit, which allows him to partially free his hands and get additional opportunities to carry out combat missions in the field.

  • Thanks to the unique suspension systems and mounts, the helmet reliably protects the head, quickly fits in size, sits firmly and does not create discomfort.
  • Additional side rails on the sides of the helmet provide a headset mount for a personal radio station, anti-shatter mask and video camera.
  • The front or top mount simplifies the installation of a night vision device, thermal imager or tactical flashlight on the helmet.
  • When installing equipment on a helmet, fastenings and balances allow you to evenly distribute the weight of the devices and relieve the load from the spine and neck muscles.

   The whole range of mounts for additional equipment is universal, adapted for mounting high-tech devices, quickly mounted on a helmet and removed if necessary. Different groups of fixtures can be mounted on a helmet, as appropriate for a combat mission, which is to carry out a fighter. 

   In order to simplify the task of installing additional “mounted” equipment, to improve its tactical characteristics and level of camouflage, it is necessary to purchase additional branded accessories that are universally attached to most modifications of tactical helmets and ensure reliable fastening and safe operation of devices.

Accessories for tactical helmets in Ukraine

   The store catalog contains a wide range of accessories for military helmets and tactical helmets from the best manufacturers of Ukraine and foreign brands: 

  • adapters and pads;
  • belts, fastenings, counterweights and safety cords;
  • Velcro panels and rail mounts;
  • suspension systems and airbags;
  • mounts for night vision device, Ops-Core, flashlight;
  • fastenings on side rails;
  • helmet cover;
  • helmet mesh;
  • tactical bags for helmets and battery packs. 

   The devices are original, universal and represented by the well-known brands 3M Peltor, ELEMENT, Emerson, FMA, FirstSpear, Norotos, OneTigris, Ops-Core, TMC, Team Wendy, The Mercenary Company, Wilcox and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army and Marine Corps.

   Accessories for tactical helmets are made of strong, wear-resistant and durable materials, are inert to temperature extremes, chemicals and high humidity, are easily mounted and dismantled, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty.

   The catalog contains sets of accessories and individual elements, for those who want to save, there are used products in perfect technical condition at the lowest price. Delivery in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine - as soon as possible.

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