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   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical tracking socks in Ukraine on favorable terms. In the store’s catalog you can find sports, antibacterial, light summer and winter warmed socks of Ukrainian production, as well as American army models, which are supplied for soldiers of the US and NATO armies.

Tactical Army Socks: Features

   Wet and damaged legs in long crossings and multi-day field conditions are the main danger for soldiers of any army. No tactical uniform and equipment will save if the soldier is uncomfortable and painful to move due to poor leg protection. Therefore, all manufacturers of army uniforms and equipment pay great attention to the production of high-quality military shoes and socks that protect against high humidity, hypothermia, diaper rash, fungus and corns on the feet.
   One of the revolutionary inventions is tracking (thermal protective) socks, which can quickly remove excess moisture and well ventilate the feet, keeping them dry. They are made of mixed, light and soft quick-drying fabrics (membrane), which provide maximum thermal insulation for the soldier’s legs, and are reinforced with inserts on the underside of the foot, heel and toe.
   Tactical thermal socks are summer (single-layer - remove moisture) and winter (two-layer - remove moisture and warm), and also differ in purpose:

  • For everyday use - used for low physical exertion in the field and in civilian life. In winter it is better to wear models with a high content of wool and elongated golf.
  • Tactical - socks made of quick-drying polycotton for long-term wear in the field and high physical exertion on the legs. Hygienic, actively remove excess moisture and give an antibacterial effect, can be used in hiking, hunting and fishing.
  • Sports - synthetic (Coolmax) socks for active training and intense physical exertion. They give good ventilation to the feet, are hygienic and antibacterial.

   An important condition for the correct selection of termonosov - the matching foot size. If you want to buy tracking socks, Ukraine produces many types and models of products (for example, M-Tac socks), which you can find in our store. In addition to socks of domestic brands, the catalog contains products of many world manufacturers with a wide range of characteristics.

Tactical and tracking socks in Ukraine

   We offer tactical tracking socks of American and Ukrainian production, which are supplied to equip the soldiers of the US Army and the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • tracking socks standard and high;
  • winter thermal socks;
  • antibacterial socks;
  • lightweight sports socks.

   The catalog contains Ukrainian M-Tac socks and products of the best contract manufacturers of the US Army and NATO. The products are original, designed for long-term wearing and walking for many days in extreme combat and climatic conditions, perfectly withstand strong mechanical and abrasive loads, frequent washing. Do not tear and are hygienically safe. 

   Products are made from the best membrane materials, which are:

  • remove moisture well and dry quickly, leaving feet dry;
  • do not absorb unpleasant odors, dust and dirt;
  • keep their shape perfectly during prolonged intensive use and numerous washings with cleaning agents;
  • comfortable for walking;
  • easy to clean.

   Socks are ideal for protecting the feet from hypothermia and bacterial damage during long-term work in the heat and at low air temperatures, as well as in conditions of long hiking trips in fishing and hunting. 

   You can choose tactical demi-season and winter socks in the store catalog using the convenient search system. When choosing products, pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations, seasonality, size and color, and we will quickly deliver your order in Kiev or to any other city in Ukraine.