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Tactical boots

   The Punisher online store offers the best tactical sneakers to buy on favorable terms (Ukraine, USA, Germany, Slovakia, Romania and other manufacturers). The catalog contains tactical boots and sneakers at reasonable prices.

Tactical shoes: characteristics and purpose

   Tactical shoes are boots and sneakers worn by fighters of special military units and police special forces during combat operations, long pedestrian crossings and training. This shoe not only protects the feet from mechanical damage, injuries, cold and water, but is characterized by maximum lightness and elasticity, does not hinder the fighter's mobility and gives maximum comfort in any extreme conditions.

   Today, tactical sneakers and boots are an alternative to army footwear and part of the mandatory equipment of special forces of the US and NATO countries. They are distinguished by the highest operational characteristics and are popular with the police, rescuers, extreme sportsmen, tourists, climbers, fishers and hunters for their versatility, unpretentiousness and wear resistance.
   Modern boots and tactical sneakers:

  • are sewn according to the anatomical cut of genuine leather, dense textile and rubberized membrane materials and leather substitutes;
  • for ventilation have additional elements from membrane fabrics or Goretex;
  • reinforced with metal and leather pads in places of increased loads and maximum wear;
  • equipped with a lightweight, durable and elastic tread sole;
  • equipped with orthopedic insoles, moisture removal systems and wear-resistant lacing, reliable fittings (locks, Velcro, zippers).

   The shoes are reliably protected by moisture-repellent impregnations from getting wet, breathes and provides high-quality air exchange, retains heat well and maintains dry skin. It is most comfortable to wear, does not rub, does not injure the foot, and reliably protects the ankle from dislocation and sprain. 

   A separate advantage - tactical boots and sneakers are versatile, have a stylish design and can be worn with military uniforms, military-style clothes or ordinary civilian wardrobe.

Tactical shoes in Ukraine

   Our catalog contains the best professional tactical shoes from well-known domestic and foreign brands 5.11 Tactical, Lowa, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Oakley, Salomon, Under Armor, supplying professional equipment for special operations forces of NATO, the USA and Ukraine.
   The shoe models are original, meet international standards for tactical equipment, reliable, tested by lengthy field and combat tests. The assortment includes a full size range of shoes (9-12.5R (USA), 38-45 (UA)) in a wide range of colors, there are summer, winter and demi-season models.
   For those who want to save, we offer second-hand shoes and sneakers that are in no way inferior in technical characteristics and presentation to new products, but much cheaper.
   The order is directly according to the catalog, delivery is in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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