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Handheld Radio Scanners

   The online shop of Punisher suggests to buy professional mobile and motor-car radio scintiscanners americanmade on adequate prices. In a catalogue the new are presented and/at the model of radio technical devices standing on arming with of armies the USA and NATO.

 Scanners of radio frequencies : descriptions and setting radio

   A tactical scintiscanner of radio frequencies is a compact radio receiver, that constantly monitors all radio frequency spectrum in the zone of being of military subdivision and allows to discover and listen any wireless stations, radio conversations and vocal reports. In the conditions of present hi-tech war a radio intercept allows to get mass of useful information and support a permanent contact within the framework of tactical subdivision.

   The American scintiscanners of Uniden are portable all-wave portable and stationary (motor-car) receivers with the wide range of the listened frequencies, options of rapid scan-out of aethereal radio channels and instantaneous capture of frequency, GPS- by a navigation.

   Every scintiscanner of frequencies of the American brand - it:

      • durable and impermeable corps protected from water and dust;

      • lightness and compactness;

      • simple tuning of operating conditions;

      • broadband range of the scanned frequencies;

      • range of working temperatures - from - 20 to +60°C.Radio scanner

   Devices are projected taking into account the serious mechanical, shock, oscillation, climatic and chemical loading, able smoothly to work long time from an autonomous accumulator, comfortably fastened on the clothing of fighters or device panel of car.

 To buy the tactical scintiscanner of radio frequencies in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop a tactical equipment is presented for the scan-out of radio frequencies from the well-known American brand of Unden, supplying with the wares on arming with of army the USA:

      • mobile radioscintiscanner in an assortment for infantry subdivisions;

      • motor-car radioscintiscanner on an army motor transport;

      • aerials for scintiscanners.

   Except the classic variants of equipment, for us you will be able to purchase the scintiscanner of radio frequencies of new generation - SDR transceiver of HackRF One, that allows not only to watch a signal but also correct radio frequency parameters through software.

   Every sweepable receiver is the original products protected by a certificate and guarantee of producer, adapted to the military field and battle external environments, passing plant tests and tested in practice. We also offer former in the use, but fully in good condition and ready to work models of devices with substantial price discounts.

   For us you can order a mobile or motor-car sweepable receiver from the required technical descriptions, using the comfortable system of search, and we will deliver your order in any point of Ukraine in the earliest possible dates.

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