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Accessories / Spare Parts

   The online shop of Punisher offers to soldiery and constabulary, airsoft athletes and paintball players, to the rescuers and hunters to buy accessories to the radio equipment of the tactical setting at adequate price. In a catalogue new and former in the use accessories are presented to the headsets, wireless stations, headsets and radio scanners from the best world producers.

 Accessories and component parts to the tactical radio equipment

   A tactical radio equipment is headsets, headsets, wireless stations and radio scanners, used in the armies of countries NATO for communication and concordance of actions of separate fighters and subdivisions inter se in the process of battle actions, special operations and raids. It must work in extreme technical and climatic requirements, commutes in the wide spectrum of radio frequencies, reliably and smoothly.

  To obtain ideal exploitation from tactical radio devices and supporting their high capacity is possible only at presence of wide spectrum of accessories, that allow to extend possibilities of technique, do her more mobile and more comfortable at the use. 

   In addition, the radio equipment of the tactical setting is universal, influenced quickly, served and repaired in the field terms. The wide nomenclature of stuff and interconnect devices of high quality is intended for this purpose.

 To buy accessories to the radio equipment in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop accessories are presented to the professional tactical radiodevices from 3m Peltor, ACM, BOVKE, FMA, Honeywell, MSA, Motorola, Silynx, TCI, The Mercenary Company, Squall and other contract producers of equipment for the armies of the USA and NATO : Adapter

      • accessories to the headsets are microphones, embouchures and removable complete sets, wind protection, controlled from distance buttons metallic headband;

      • accessories to the rifle headsets - covers, fastening and forks to headband;

      • accessories to the wireless stations and  radio scanners are aerials, storage batteries, USB- cables;

      •  accessories to the radio engineering is adapters, plugs, connectors, lids of battery compartments, cables of feed, reducers;

      • covers and clips for carrying from place to place of radio sets and headsets.

 Presented accessories to the wireless station, other radio equipment and component parts - original, adapted to the wide spectrum of radio devices, tested in extreme external environments, certificated and protected by the guarantee of producers. As devices are counted on the use by army subdivisions of the USA, they have the confirmed quality and are in demand at the civil special services, and also tourists, sportsmen, hunters and fishermen.

   To order accessories to the radio scanners al the types of the tactical radio engineering can directly in the catalogue of wares, using the comfortable system of search of commodities on the country of production, brand, cost. Delivery of orders - in any point of Ukraine in minimum terms.

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