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Magazine pouches

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police and law enforcement officers, security guards, hunters and persons entitled to carry short-barreled weapons in Ukraine Magazine pouches from the world's best manufacturers. The catalog contains pouches for pistol clips and automatic magazines of American, Ukrainian, Korean and Chinese production.

Magazine pouch: types and tactical characteristics

   Pouches for magazines of short-barreled and automatic weapons are an obligatory and highly functional element of tactical equipment of a modern fighter of a tactical army unit, designed for convenient transportation of loaded pistol and machine-gun magazines with cartridges. 

   This is a durable compact container bag made of waterproof tarpaulin or dense synthetic material (Cordura, polyester) with water-repellent impregnation and 1-5 compartments for dense vertical stacking of spare magazines to the weapon. 

   Such a bag is a cartridge container:

  • can be open (without valves) or closed (with valves on an adjustable sling);
  • equipped with convenient attachments to the waist belt, army unloading or shoulder harnesses;
  • can be completed with Molle mounts for wearing on any piece of equipment (on PAL-cells);
  • has a water-repellent impregnation and a lower grommet for a drain.

   Closed-type magazine pouches better protect a fighter's arsenal, but are focused on a specific type and caliber of weapons. Open pouches in which the magazines are fixed with a special elastic thread, allow you to carry magazines for different types of weapons (for example, AK74 and AK47).
   There are also combined models of pouches, in which a soldier can carry both automatic magazines and pistol clips at the same time - for PM, Glock or any other pistol clips in the pouch there is a special compartment with a valve.
   A separate type of equipment is an assault pouch for dropping magazines, which is a bag where empty magazines are dropped during a quick battle if there is no time to push them through the nests.
   It is important to note that the pouch for gun shops is universal and can be conveniently used at home, in a workshop or garage, on a fishing trip or on a camping trip as a pouch "for everything". In its numerous convenient pockets you can put a lot of useful things and carry them with you, leaving your hands free. In addition, paintball and airsoft players often use such equipment during their tactical games.

Magazine pouches in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains tactical pouches for carrying pistol clips and automatic magazines with cartridges from A-line, Eagle Industries, FLYYE, LBT, M-Tac, S.O.Tech, Semapo Gear, TMC, ToySoldier:

  • pouch for magazines and clips of short-barreled weapons;
  • open and closed pouches for AK stores;
  • universal and for shops of certain brands of weapons;
  • magazine drop pouches.

   The pouches are made of dense, high-quality stitched synthetic material (Kydex), designed to carry one or more magazines on equipment and body armor, a waist and trouser belt. 

   Accessories - only of original quality, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty, tested for strength and reliability by field and combat operation, with strong fasteners.

   You can order weapon pouches directly in the catalog, and we will deliver the purchased goods anywhere in Ukraine as soon as possible. For those who like to save money - used pouches that are not inferior in quality and appearance to new products, but at a significantly lower price.

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