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Cleaning System Kits

   The Punisher online store offers servicemen, police, security personnel, athletes, airsoft players and hunters to order and buy accessories for cleaning combat, sports and hunting weapons. In our catalog you can cheaply purchase any weapon accessories from American and Ukrainian brands wholesale and retail.

Weapon Cleaning: Accessory Requirements

   Any type of firearm using energy of propellant gases on firing, and these gases are formed on the inner walls of the barrel and soot carbon deposits ( "svintsovka"). If, after each firing, the barrel channel and striking mechanism are not cleaned, the firing accuracy will deteriorate, and there will be a risk of warhead misalignment and even rupture of the barrel. Therefore, cleaning weapons is a mandatory requirement for its owner. 
   Traditionally, weapons are cleaned using special tools - ramrods and "snakes" (collapsible ramrods), ruffs, vishers, brushes, puffs, where each tool is used strictly for its intended purpose. Some remove carbon deposits in the barrel, others are used to remove rust and lead, others to wipe surfaces, fourth to lubricate, and fifth to care for the chamber. 
   Accessories for cleaning weapons can be purchased separately, but it is better to purchase a complete set, which will include the required tools with additional nozzles, brushes and loops. Some cleaning kits are universal and designed to clean a number of weapons; you can choose a specialized kit - it is used to clean a specific brand of firearm.  
   Mats for cleaning weapons - a useful device that makes it possible to engage in cleaning and lubrication of the barrel almost anywhere. The mat will prevent the tools from slipping and protect the external surfaces from oil stains and dirt.
   Workbenches for cleaning are convenient in army weapons or in the back room of a professional hunter. They allow you to organize a regular place for the care of weapons and keep in boxes all the necessary cleaning supplies.

Buy sets for cleaning weapons in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents a wide range of professional accessories for cleaning combat, sports, pneumatic and hunting weapons. You can order from us:

  • set for cleaning weapons;
  • workbench for cleaning;
  • mat for cleaning weapons.

   Accessories are original and presented by well-known weapons brands - GearLab, Otis, TekMat, designed for cleaning different types and types of weapons (rifled and smooth-bore guns, pneumatics, short-barreled, universal, etc.), may differ in the configuration of accessories. 

   Products undergo mandatory factory and field tests, are reliable and durable, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty. Delivery of purchased goods in Ukraine - promptly and in any city.

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