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   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, police and security officers, shooter athletes, airsoft players and professional hunters to buy sights for military, sports, traumatic and hunting weapons, which significantly improve shooting performance. Our catalog contains laser, thermal imaging and collimator sights of American, Swedish, Israeli and Russian manufacturers (new and used) on favorable terms. 

Types and purpose of gun sights

   Gun sights are used in the armed forces of almost all countries of the world to improve the accuracy and efficiency of live firing. Depending on the design and the principle of operation, they are of several types:

  • Optical sight

   This is a thin telescope with an internal system of magnifying lenses (lens), applied with a reticle, an eyepiece and a ballistic correction mechanism. Such a sight has a large increase, is equipped with LED illumination and a reliable mount on the weapon body. It provides high accuracy shooting at medium and long distances, easy to aim, but quite fragile, afraid of mechanical stress and structurally complex. Buying an optical sight is rational not only for military weapons (sniper shooting), but also for sports air rifles and pistols, smooth-bore hunting rifles and shotguns when shooting with bullets.

  • Collimator

   A compact sight in which, for an accurate shot, it is necessary to combine not the front sight with the whole and the target, but the luminous point with the target through the collimator lens. This allows you to aim faster, without adjusting the sharpness of the lens, and without losing accuracy at short and medium distances. Aiming is also possible with two eyes open (wide viewing angle) and in tactical glasses. The only significant drawback is that it does not give accuracy at a long shot distance, and in general, less accuracy than optics, which determines the use of collimators in tactical and assault weapons, as well as in hunting rifles when shooting quickly.

  • Night-vision sight 

   The night-vision sight has a built-in vacuum electron-optical converter, which increases the brightness of the target and makes it possible to fire in the dark (aiming - as in an optical sight). It gives a good image at a distance of up to 300 meters, provides greater accuracy of the shot in rifled and smoothbore weapons, is compact and light in weight. At the same time, it is ineffective in snow or fog, and requires a power source.

  • Thermal Sight

   It has a built-in bolometric sensor on thermistors that responds to thermal radiation of the target, which makes it possible to use the sight when firing in complete darkness, as well as in daylight, with bright glare of snow, fog, rain, smoke.    Artificial or natural camouflage of objects of fire is not able to deceive him (reacts to infrared radiation), and the accuracy of aiming is not inferior to the accuracy of an optical sight, so it is considered a universal means of aiming and the best kind of sight. 
   Choosing a gun sight should be based on its technical capabilities, type of weapon, type and mode of firing, as well as price. If the collimator is an inexpensive device, then night-vision sight and thermal imaging sights are quite expensive. 

Laser and collimator sight: buy in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents sights of various types for different types of weapons. It is possible to get from us: 

  • optical sight (magnifer);
  • collimator sight;
  • thermal imaging sight;
  • front aiming strips.

   All shooting optics is original and is represented by well-known world brands producing accessories and equipment for small arms - Aimpoint, Eotech, Dedal-NV, Knight’s Armament, Delta, Meprolight, FLIR, TPLogic, Trijicon. 
   All products undergo complex field and shooting tests, are equipped with durable housings and protective shockproof and dustproof covers, are offered wholesale and retail in sealed cases. 
   For those who like to save money, we offer used sights. By technical characteristics and appearance they are not inferior to new products, but much cheaper. Delivery of purchased goods - to any city in Ukraine and in the shortest possible time.

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