Punisher: the beginning

The idea of the company arose in 2014 when the founders faced the tragic events of the Crimea occupation by Russia and the war in Donbas. They saw with their own eyes that the equipment of the Ukrainian defenders needed to be improved and help the army reach a new level.

A dream was born to provide warriors with the best equipment from all over the world. First of all, they set out to receive products from the United States of America, whose quality is highly valued by the military of different countries. Negotiations with suppliers and the establishment of supply routes began.

The first Punisher store opened in Zaporizhzhya on November 28, 2015. Its name was not accidental. At the beginning of hostilities in the east of the country, Russian invaders called Ukrainian soldiers "punishers." Our military recognized this as a compliment and wore patches with such inscription. The new store has become a kind of link: from the Punisher to punishers.

In 2022, the second store was added to the Punisher family — it was opened in Kyiv. Today you can purchase goods from the world's best manufacturers in physical stores in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhya, as well as in our online store. However, the quantity did not affect the quality.

The main idea of Punisher remains unchanged: we offer only high-quality tactical equipment, proven by years of experience of our customers!


Punisher Team 

Initially, the store team consisted of several enthusiasts from Zaporizhzhya. They provided the ATO, and then the JFO soldiers, demand for high-quality equipment from foreign manufacturers. Employees carefully puzzled the purpose and features of various types of military equipment out, constantly improving their skills in understanding the capabilities of tactical equipment and its range.

Some of the employees joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when the active phase of the war started in February 2022. However, the team has expanded significantly. Now the daily work of the stores is provided by employees of the Zaporizhzhya and Kyiv branches. The team expanded with real professionals who, due to the war, had to leave the occupied houses.

New employees not only adopt the experience of Punisher old timers, but also bring their expertise in providing and expanding the assortment of the store, introducing the best service standards and fast delivery of goods to all parts of Ukraine.

Our goal is to provide Ukrainian defenders with the best equipment at reasonable prices in order to bring a fair punishment for all invaders!


Punisher Care for Customers

Punisher customers can:

Purchase equipment from US Army contract manufacturers (ITT Corporation, Crye Precision, SEKRI, Patagonia, Bates, Wellco, Tennier Ind, etc.).

Choose originals or high-quality replicas of the leading brands from the USA, Europe and China for professional military, outdoor enthusiasts, hunting, fishing, football fans (UF Pro, Emerson, OneTigris, Propper, Element, FMA, Mechanix, Eberlestock, Therm-a-Rest, Snugpak).

Get professional advice and help with the choice of an existing product or ask for products under the order.

Order repair of night vision devices, headsets, red dot sights, laser aiming devices, thermal vision devices.

Get a discount for all members of the armed forces, regardless of the amount and the presence of a previous history of orders in our store.

Be confident in the quick delivery of an online order to anywhere in the country where delivery services operate.

Evaluate with your own eyes all the goods in offline stores, which geography we are constantly expanding: Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv and soon Dnipro!


Punisher Service

Our team always welcomes you and provides not only high-quality goods, but also convenient service!

We provide comprehensive product explanations and help you find the items that best suit your needs.

We enjoy our work, and our grateful clients give us the motivation to grow and move forward.

We are sure: if you are with us, everything will be 4.5.0, everything will be Ukraine, everything will be Our Victory! 💙💛