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Military headset and radio equipment

   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, employees of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and security services, airsoft athletes, tourists, fishermen and hunters to purchase army (tactical) radio equipment for communication in the field, during combat and search operations. The catalog contains headsets, headphones, mobile radios, radio frequency scanners, as well as components and accessories from the best manufacturers of tactical equipment.

Tactical radio equipment: standards and requirements

   In a combat situation, during power special operations, military tactical and airsoft games, much attention is paid today to communication equipment for individual fighters and tactical groups. Most often we are talking about radio communication devices, since the use of GSM communication in extreme conditions is not always available.

   Army and tactical radio equipment is now part of the military specialist's mandatory kit. And since the operation of mobile radios, headsets with microphones and telephones takes place in combat and extreme weather conditions, the most stringent requirements are imposed on them. For this equipment, the following are important:

  • mechanically robust design, shockproof and waterproof housing;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • ability to work in a wide range of radio frequencies with fast switching;
  • simple setup and management;
  • resistance to climatic and weather extremes, fire and high humidity;
  • availability of reliable and convenient attachments for attaching to uniforms.

   At the same time, radio stations must have a sufficiently large reception radius, and headsets must provide high quality sound and be used so that the fighter's hands remain free. Therefore, the radio stations have reliable attachments to the ammunition, and the headsets are designed to be worn on the head and are conveniently adjustable.

Buy army radio equipment in Ukraine

   The store's catalog contains a wide selection of military tactical radio equipment from well-known Ukrainian, American, European and Asian manufacturers:

  • active headphones, headsets and microphones from Peltor, MSA, TCI, Sordin, Silynx, Nacre, Motorola, OTTO, Thales Communications, ELEMENT;
  • active shooting headphones 3M Peltor, Howard Leight, M-Tac, MSA;
  • tactical mobile radio stations and modules for them Baofeng (Pofung), Motorola, TRI, Thales Communications, Voyager;
  • Automotive and handheld RF scanners, antennas and Uniden transceivers;
  • adapters for G-Code headsets;
  • ear pads, adapters, remote buttons for radio stations;
  • connecting and communication cables;
  • mounts, clips, metal headbands, windproof caps, accessories for radio equipment;
  • cases and covers for carrying and protecting radio stations and headsets.

   The presented radio equipment, components, accessories and carrying devices are original, tested in the field and in combat conditions, as reliable and trouble-free as possible, protected by certificates and a guarantee of the manufacturers' brands. You can order and buy radio stations, microphones, military headsets for walkie-talkies wholesale and retail in sets or single items for additional equipment.

   An order for military headsets and other radio equipment can be placed directly in the store's catalog. For a convenient search for goods, use the internal search system on the site, photos and detailed descriptions. Delivery of paid orders - anywhere in Ukraine as soon as possible.