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Balls & Gas

   For lovers, professional shooters and owners of airsoft clubs, the Punisher online store offers to buy gas for airsoft guns and airsoft balls on favorable terms. The product catalog contains conventional and tracer balls for all types of weapon drives, as well as several types of amplification gas from the best manufacturers.

Airsoft Balls

   All types of weapons in airsoft shoot only with plastic balls with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a weight of 0.1-0.42 grams. Their usual color is white, because when fired, the white ball is better visible in flight, which allows you to evade hits in time and determine the location of the shooter.
   Tracing balls are convenient to use for shooting in the dark or in poor visibility. The plastic compound of such balls contains light-accumulating synthetic additives that gain light energy during the day and then glow in flight. These balls are convenient to mark the direction of fire and the location of the target.
   The balls are delivered in sealed packages of 2000 pieces and are then charged to airsoft stores. Tracer balls can be charged immediately into special nozzles on the rifle barrel (LED magazines or silencers).
   What should be remembered in order to choose the right balls for airsoft and buy them in Ukraine at the right price? Primarily:

  • contact specialized stores involved in the supply and sale of airsoft weapons and consumables to him;
  • choose balls with a mass of more than 3 grams (the lower the weight, the lower the flight speed and power);
  • for melee and spring weapon models choose balls with a weight of 1-3 grams, and for long-range sniper rifles of electro-pneumatic type - from 5 to 43 grams.
  • if your task is to remain inconspicuous for as long as possible, then you can choose balls of red or black;
  • for professionals it is recommended not to save - buy Japanese-made balls (they are not defective).

Gas for airsoft

   Gas airsoft drives require gas for airsoft, which is produced under high pressure and provides high barrel energy and a good ball flight range. Each type of gas weapon uses its own type of gas:

  • ТМ 134А - universal gas freon with additives, which is used in most models of gas weapons. It gives an average level of pressure and a low ball speed. Provides good barrel protection and minimal wear.
  • GreenGas is a propane-methane mixture that provides high pressure, high energy and maximum initial ball speed. It is used for long-range models of airsoft guns.
  • CO2 - a "classic" gas for airsoft drives, which compresses well and provides great energy for firing at a long distance. It is usually delivered in compact sealed cans that are inserted into a special slot in the drive and are immediately ready for use.

   When choosing gas for airsoft guns, always take into account the specifics of a particular model of small-arms drive, so as not to damage the weapon.

Balloons and gas for airsoft weapons in Ukraine

   Our online store offers shooting balls and gas for airsoft weapons from the best Ukrainian, Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers. The catalog contains consumables for Airsoft drives:

  • balls for airsoft "Militarist" 0.20, 0.23, 0.25, 0.30 (2000 pieces / pack.);
  • tracer balls for airsoft 0.20, 0.25 (2000 pieces / pack.);
  • CO2 can (8 grams);
  • gas for airsoft reinforcing (2 l);
  • gas ТМ 134А.

   All products are original, repeatedly tested for quality and safety, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. Gas is supplied in sealed containers for convenient refueling of the drives or in disposable cans; the balls are hermetically sealed in packages of 2000 and marked. Delivery of paid consumables in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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