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Body Armour

   The Punisher online store offers servicemen, fighters of special units, security services and police to buy body armor from the best world and domestic manufacturers in Ukraine. Our catalog contains all types of armored personal protection systems against cold steel and firearms.

Modern body armor: types, classes and characteristics

   Bullet-proof vest is an individual means of protecting a soldier's torso from damage with melee weapons, rifle bullets and grenade fragments. It is a sleeveless jacket without a collar (or with a stand-up collar) on a shock-absorbing lining, with a system of fastenings and belts for fitting to size, as well as pockets for armored plates and useful things.
   Tactical body armor is sewn from high-strength modern materials like Cordura, and steel, metal-ceramic, composite, polyurethane or Kevlar protective armor plates are installed in special pockets. The design of the bulletproof vest is capable of delaying the damaging elements, dissipating their shock energy, and the unloading pockets allow you to carry the necessary objects.
   It is customary to distinguish bulletproof vests according to a number of characteristics, and first of all, according to the classes of protection against damaging elements, which depends on the type of weapon and the degree of rigidity of the armor plate. In Europe, the USA and Ukraine, protection classes have different labels:

  • 0 protection class- edged weapons;
  • 1 protection class  (1.5-2 kg), I, IIA, L, BR1 - gun buckshot, pistol bullets 5-6.35 mm, small fragments;
  • 2 protection class  (3-3.5 kg), IIIA, II, BR2-4 - shot, pistol bullets point blank (sewn from multilayer fabric);
  • 3 protection class  (6-9 kg), III - from smoothbore guns, pistol and automatic bullets (have pockets for additional armor plates);
  • 4 protection class (up to 10 kg), III +, IV, BR5 - from automatic bullets with steel and soft core (have reinforced armor plates);
  • 5 protection class (up to 20 kg), BR6 - from automatic armor-piercing bullets, rifle cartridges (SVD);
  • 6 protection class, IV +, BR7 - protection against SVD bullets, designed for combat use.

   1 and 2 protection class are “soft” bulletproof vests (“A”) of hidden wearing of elastic Kevlar, Terlon, Pomex, SVM, which hold the bullet without ricocheting. 3 and 4 protection class ("B") - has hard armor plates and a shock-absorbing internal damper, 5 and 6 protection class ("C") are heavy hard vests for military use. A combined type of construction is also allowed.
   In terms of reliability (ability to reduce traumatic / fatally dangerous dynamic shocks) body armor are:

  • PD (maximum permissible) - impenetrable, but the fabric can plunge with a bullet into the body;
  • C (medium) - impenetrable, tissue usually does not penetrate into the body;
  • M (minimal) - impenetrable, tissue does not penetrate into the body, pain does not occur.

   “Armor” of body armor is woven, metal, ceramic, Kevlar, combined. Armored elements are placed in splashproof pockets and can be quickly replaced with heavier and more durable elements. Steel armor plates have a thickness of 1-15 mm (depending on the class of body armor). 

Buy body armor in Ukraine

   You can buy body armor in Ukraine through the online catalog of our store. In assortment:

  • army tactical body armor;
  • lightweight body armor;
  • concealed wearing body armor;
  • covers for bulletproof vests.

   All products are original, represented by well-known brands Crye Precision, M-Tac, Punisher, Ukrainian Armor, are protected by the manufacturers guarantee and meet the standards applicable to professional tactical products. Delivery in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.