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GPS Navigators

   Punisher online store offers to buy Garmin GPS navigator for fishing, hunting, tourism and other models of mobile equipment for orientation on favorable conditions. Our catalog contains travel navigators, accessories, cases and mounts for devices from well-known American, Taiwanese and Chinese brands.

GPS navigators for tourism

   Travel navigators are portable universal models designed for orientation on the terrain, they can be worn on the arm, in a jacket pocket or backpack. Such devices:

  • have built-in memory up to 4-8 GB for loading a large number of maps, remembering the route and storing recorded information;
  • have a built-in GPS module capable of communicating with 10-16 space navigation satellites;
  • are equipped with an informative display with the ability to display a map on the screen, set up route markers and an indicator of battery power;
  • autonomous and powered by AA batteries or rechargeable batteries;
  • energy-efficient (12V) and can operate up to several days on a single battery charge;
  • can be charged from the cigarette lighter in a car or from a central power supply network;
  • have a shockproof, moisture-proof housing;
  • have a set of special fastenings on a hand, equipment, a waist belt, a bicycle, etc.

   Most models of modern tourist GPS navigators work with their own software (most with Garmin or Navitel software), which is responsible for downloading and storing maps of the area, communicating with satellites and the Internet, setting options and operating modes, recording and storing information.
   Military personnel, police, rescuers, geologists, tourists, fishers, hunters and orienteering athletes buy a tourist navigator. The main option of the device is the support of satellite navigation systems GPS and Glonass, with the help of which you can quickly and accurately determine your location in any area, calculate the coordinates of your destination and lay the optimal route to it.
   An important characteristic of the navigator is the number of waypoints that it can fix on the route of movement (a good model is able to fix, memorize and display 1000 or more of these landmarks), as well as the number of memorized routes.
   A sign of a good GPS navigator is the many additional options available: a DVR, a radar detector, a wireless Internet connection, receiving and transmitting data, auto-updating maps, compiling statistical reports, a built-in compass, a barometer, a thermometer, etc.

Travel navigators in Ukraine

   We bring to the attention of military experts, rescue services employees, tourists, fishermen and hunters the best travel navigators for quick and accurate orientation in any terrain. The catalog contains:

  • travel navigators with GPS communication function;
  • pouches and covers for carrying navigators;
  • mounts for the navigator on a bicycle and motorcycles.

   Portable navigation equipment is original and represented by well-known brands Garmin, Magellan, RAM mounts, T3, Tactical Tailor, ToySoldier, engaged in the development and production of GPS-navigators for the US and NATO armies.
   Each tourist GPS navigator is not inferior to its tactical counterparts in terms of reliability, location accuracy, resistance to mechanical vibration and climatic loads, ease of use and maintenance. This equipment for orientation is the most functional and indispensable for tourists, fishermen, hunters, athletes, employees of search and rescue services.
   Here you can also choose the original used tourist GPS-navigator in excellent condition, but at a lower cost. Delivery of goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine - as soon as possible.

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