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For high precision firing

   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, snipers of special forces and security services, athletes and hunters in Ukraine to buy unisex and accessories for high-speed shooting on favorable terms. Our catalog contains modern observations for military and sporting weapons from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers, which can be purchased wholesale and retail.

Requirements for equipment for high-precision shooting

   Each shooter has personal requirements for the operation of the gun, and to select the accuracy of hits, he may need additional accessories - stops, bipods, tripods, weather stations, etc. Quality is a must for such accessories, as they are used with weapons in the field and must have a large margin of safety. Therefore, here are the products you need:

• strength, compactness, lightness and mobility;

• mechanical and climatic resistance, wear-resistant and durable construction materials;

• protection during transportation and storage;

• Energy efficiency and ease of use.

   We recommend purchasing precision shooting accessories only from reputable sellers who offer products from reputable manufacturers. If necessary, you can buy a complete set of equipment for accurate shooting or complete your kit with separate devices.

Buy equipment for high-precision shooting in Ukraine

   The store catalog contains a wide selection of devices and accessories for high-precision shooting from well-known foreign manufacturers B&T Industries, Harris Engineering, CRETAC, Feisol, Infinition Inc., Lone Star Field Products, MUB, Manfrotto, Mission Critical Designs AS, Shadow Tech, SunwayFoto, Kestrel Meters, Flatline Ops, Horus, Leupold, UTactic, Vortex:

• bipods for shooting from a prone position, bipod-handles and bipod extensions;

• tripods for weapons, optics and weather stations, clips for tripods;

• ballistic calculators, chronographs and portable weather stations;

• multifunctional brackets, ball heads, monopods, equal for shooting;

• ready-made sets of equipment for high-precision shooting;

• covers and bags for storing and carrying shooting accessories;

• covers for optics, anti-glare nozzles;

• shooting mats and pillows.

   The equipment and accessories for high-precision shooting presented in the catalog are original, made of highly resistant materials, tested in combat and field conditions, universal in use, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

   You can order and buy equipment for precision shooting wholesale and retail directly in the store catalog - we offer both single items for completing sports weapons, and ready-made sets of accessories.

   For a convenient search for goods, use the internal search system on the site, photos and detailed descriptions, and we will deliver your order anywhere in Ukraine as soon as possible. The range includes new equipment and accessories, as well as equipment that was in use.