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   The Punisher online store offers to buy tactical watches, as well as tracking, sports, multi-function chronometers with a wide range of additional options on favorable terms. The catalog contains the best and most reliable under extreme conditions watches from Taiwan, Finland and Ukraine, from the world famous brands Garmin and Suunto.

Tactical watches: features and benefits

   Wristwatches are modern and very accurate timepieces that perform two functions in everyday life: they allow you to quickly and accurately navigate in real time, and are also a stylish accessory that often emphasizes the status of their owner.
   However, many watch models today have an additional specialized purpose and allow solving an additional range of problems. For example, tactical watches (military, tracking) are an accessory for military experts, police special forces and rescuers. They have:

  • shockproof and fully waterproof casing with mineral glass (can withstand strong mechanical stress and immerse under water for several meters);
  • electronic power source, solar battery or centrifugal clockwork;
  • luminous hands and dial (including due to LED-backlight);
  • a wide range of additional options - calendar, lunar calendar, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, compass, GPS-navigator with the option of synchronizing with world time, thermometer barometer, pedometer, vibration mode, etc.

   Not only military personnel and experts in extreme professions seek to buy tactical watches, but also tourists, climbers, cavers, extreme sportsmen, hunters and fishers. Such a multifunctional watch with a navigator is conveniently mounted on a hand or in a breast pocket, allows you to navigate in time, determine the location and direction of movement, test the state of the environment, work in the dark, play the role of a search beacon, which is important in difficult conditions.
   In addition to military models of chronometers, smart watches are often used that are aimed at professional athletes and can be used for jogging, triathlon, cycling, and orienteering. They can count the steps, calculate the route and distance traveled, determine the height above sea level and control the athlete’s physical condition (heart rate, pressure, calories burned, etc.).
   Some watch models are designed for use under water and can withstand pressure at a depth of up to 200 meters. Such watches have additional protection against moisture penetration, tempered mineral glass and additional gaskets in the case. They are ideal for cavers, sailors, military and civilian divers.

Tactical watches in Ukraine

   Our store offers tactical watches for military professionals and police, tourists, athletes, hunters, fishers and military-style accessory fans. The catalog contains:

  • tactical multifunctional watches (full set of additional options);
  • clock with a compass, stopwatch, pedometer, timer;
  • clock with a GPS-navigator;
  • sports and multisports watches;
  • heart rate monitors (heart rate monitors);
  • bracelets and watchbands.

   All watch models are original, presented by well-known brands Garmin, Suunto and M-Tac, have a full range of technical characteristics of tactical chronometers. They are resistant to extreme mechanical, climatic, thermal loads and high humidity, equipped with shockproof and sealed enclosures, certified and protected by the manufacturer's warranty.
   We are also ready to offer used tactical watches in perfect technical condition, which are not inferior to new products in quality, but much cheaper in cost. Delivery of goods - anywhere in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine as soon as possible.