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Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear (Level 1)

   The Punisher online store offers to buy moisture-absorbing thermal underwear from well-known manufacturers of tactical clothing in Ukraine, which is supplied for the needs of the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains underwear sets, underpants, pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts with the effect of moisture removal at an adequate price.

Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear: characteristics

   Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear is a “1 layer” thermal underwear (worn directly on the body and has direct contact with the skin), which is designed to create bodily comfort during active motor and sports loads. It is sewn from a blended fabric (polyester + spandex), which very quickly removes moisture and dries, providing good heat retention (thermoregulation) and breathability. 
   Due to the characteristics of structural materials, linen:

  • differs in big density, durability, wear resistance;
  • elastic and does not constrain movements;
  • provides the most rapid removal of moisture from the skin and good natural thermoregulation;
  • hygienic, does not absorb sweat, odors and dirt;
  • when correctly combined with other layers of ECWCS and PCU systems, it excludes hypothermia of the body;
  • gives high-quality antibacterial protection (hypoallergenic and antibacterial impregnations).

   Level 1 is underwear for military personnel, police and rescue workers, security guards, athletes, hunters, fishers, tourists, people with an active lifestyle and professions that require constant and long-term stay in the fresh air. 

   Lingerie can be worn constantly for a long time, without freezing, without sweating and constantly keeping the body dry. The products are practical to wear, last a very long time, wash well and retain their shape, elasticity and appearance after dozens of washings.

Moisture Wicking Thermal Underwear in Ukraine

   We offer army underwear to buy from the best American contract manufacturers of the US Army and the Ukrainian brand M-Tac. The store’s catalog contains high-quality military underwear that removes moisture from the skin:

  • underpants;
  • thermal underwear  shirts;
  • thermal underwear  sweatshirts with long sleeves;
  • soldier’s underwear for winter and summer (sets).

   Thermal underwear of the first layer is designed taking into account the use in a combat and field environment, under extreme climatic conditions and the need for continuous wear for several days. The products are designed for strong mechanical and abrasive loads, perspiration, frequent washing with detergents.
   The presented sets and individual items of underwear underwear are original, meet the standards of tactical clothing systems PCU, ECWCS and LWCWUS, have undergone multiple quality tests in combat conditions, are protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. The catalog offers underwear of all sizes and in a wide range of colors.
   When choosing, you should consider the completeness, seasonality and size of each product, manufacturer and price. If the linen is large, then it does not provide a snug fit to the body, and too small a set wears out faster and fails. Also refer to manufacturers' recommendations for use and care.
   Thermal underwear is ideal not only for military specialists, but also for use by people who, on duty or work, spend a lot of time outdoors - police officers, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, armed guards, rescuers, as well as for tourists, fishermen and hunters. Lingerie with a moisture-removing effect can be ordered in the store’s catalog using the integrated search system, and we will deliver your goods to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.