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Push to talk buttons

   The online shop of Punisher suggests to buy the professional buttons of PTT for acquisition of sets of tactical connection of soldiery, constabulary and counterterrorist subdivisions, tourists of hunters and players in airsoft. In a catalogue the new are presented and/at accessories for the mobile wireless stations from the best world producers on adequate prices.

 Button PTT to the tactical radio equipment

   The button PPT is a structural element of the field and mobile wireless stations, by means of that the modes of reception/of passing of vocal messages are commuted. She usually is on the sidebar of voice devices, or connected to them by means of flexible cable and the "button works in the mode press and talk", id est, at pressure on her you can pass a report, and to get a report (to hear a sound), it is necessary to release the button.

   Main advantage of format of broadcasting of PTT is in that at the transmission of vocal report, you connect all mobile receivers connected to certain radio frequency, what connection allows to support at once with whole battle subdivision or command of shooters.

   The bearing-out button PTT on a portable radio transmitter is comfortable to those, that has a flexible or twisted cable and fastening-clothes-pin, allowing it easily to fasten a device on an equipment in a comfortable for an operator place, and to conduct rapid negotiations, not dragging out a portable radio transmitter and abandoning hands free - in battle conditions and extreme situations this very important advantage.Push to talk buttons

   In addition the external button can have разводку on connection of a few wireless stations for the synchronous including of reception/of transmission by a few fighters or guards. And although practically all wireless stations of the tactical setting work in the format of PTT, there are some nuances in their selection. Therefore apply to our consultants for help in the choice of the required equipment. Voice devices with the buttons are mounted in lungs crushproof and hermetically protected corps, comfortable in connection and work.

 To buy button PTT in Ukraine

In the catalogue of our shop the bearing-out buttons of РРТ are presented to the professional tactical wireless stations and headsets from 3m Peltor, ELEMENT, MSA, TCI, TEA and contract producers of radio equipment for the armies of the USA and NATO :

      • specialized - for acquisition of transceiver devices of certain brands;

      • with a throat microphone;

      • with a reducer for connection of two wireless stations;

      • with flexible and twisted cables.

   Every button Push - to - talk - the original good adapted to exploitation in extreme climatic and technical terms having simple principle of connection and tuning, certificated and protected by the guarantee of producer.

   Ordering the tactical PTT - buttons for the wireless stations is possible directly in a catalogue, using the comfortable system of search on the country of production, brand and price. We will deliver your order in any point of Ukraine in the earliest possible dates.

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