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Equipment for camping

   The Punisher online store offers tourists, fishermen, hunters and extreme athletes professional tourist equipment of Ukrainian and foreign production for long hiking trips, expeditions and raids on favorable terms. The catalog presents equipment and equipment that is in standard service with tactical units of the armies of the United States, Canada, Britain, other NATO countries and Israel.

Travel equipment requirements

   A short trip to nature or a multi-day hiking trip requires preparation, taking into account all the necessary and, of course, high-quality and reliable tourist equipment. It is it that provides a high level of traumatic safety, protection against perforating conditions, chemical threats and biological organisms, makes it possible to qualitatively recuperate after a difficult transition and feel comfortable at the bivouac.

   Equipment and ammunition must be selected taking into account the conditions in which you are supposed to be on a hike. There are serious problems between the equipment of a picnic lover, a tourist-athlete, an extreme tourist, a fisherman or a hunter, since their outings in nature have different goals, are performed in different areas and require different equipment.

   However, there are a number of general equipment requirements for any type of camping trip. Such equipment should be:

• light and compact, sign in storage and transportation;

• mechanically strong, wear-resistant and durable;

• maximally functional and versatile;

• environmentally friendly and safe for humans;

• resistant to climatic and weather conditions;

• Easy to care for and maintain.

  The quality of camping equipment is essential, if you want to fully enjoy your hike and have confidence in your equipment, you need to choose quality equipment. If you are a professional tourist and make difficult, extreme outings into nature all the time, your ammunition, like tactical equipment for a soldier, should be as reliable as possible.

   For such professionals, it is optimal to choose tourist and bivouac equipment and ammunition, which are produced by manufacturers of army tactical equipment. This guarantees high quality, reliability, durability and maximum utility of every item in your travel backpack.

Travel equipment in Ukraine

   In our online store you can order new and used tourist and bivouac equipment of Ukrainian, American, British, Canadian, Israeli, Norwegian, Mexican and Chinese production:

• tents and tents from Diamond Brand, Eureka, LightFighter, Mission Critical Designs and contract manufacturers US Army and USMC;

• compression sleeping bags Kelty, M-Tac, Sea to Summit, Tennier Industries, SeaLine and contract manufacturers of the US and UK armies;

• travel mats and mats with covers M-Tac, Punisher, Therm-a-Rest;

• flasks, thermoses, hydrators and drinking systems CamelBak, Eagle Industries, FLYYE, LBT, M-Tac, Skilcraft, Source, TMC, Tatonka;

• crockery, cutlery and cutlery, thermo mugs, decanters, glasses, glasses, gas cylinders and burners ACM, Gun and Fun, Jetboil, M-Tac;

• stationery, planners, tactical pens, all-weather notebooks and paper JL Darling, LAIX, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Punisher;

• dry rations and packaged energy drinks Strike Force Beverage, MRE IMP;

• travel accessories (field beds, chemical light sources, hand saws, compasses, sewing kits, handcuffs and paracord bracelets, waterproof cases for documents, etc.) ACM, Cammenga, Cyalume Technologies, Ganzo, Hammerhead Industries, M-Tac , Mil-tec, Safariland and contract manufacturers of the Bundeswehr, US and British armies.

   All products presented in the online store are original, certified, tested in field and tactical conditions, designed for long-term and reliable operation in any climate and weather, they are private equipment of the armies of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Norway and Israel.

   You can order and buy tourist equipment and equipment directly in the catalog of our website, using a convenient product search system, having studied photos, descriptions and prices. Payment can be delivered to you in the way we ordered the products you ordered to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.