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Shot Timers

   Punisher online store offers on favorable terms to buy a shooting timer for military snipers, professional sports shooters and amateurs. The catalog contains the best models of timers for shooting, accessories and covers for carrying devices from the best American, Chinese and Ukrainian manufacturers.

Shooting timer: characteristics and purpose

   Practical and training shooting should not only be accurate, but also quick: the less a fighter or athlete shooter spends time on each accurate shot, the higher his level as a professional. Therefore, to control the quality of shooting exercises or competitions, a shooting timer is used - an electronic device that, with the accuracy of a stopwatch, gives a start signal for shooting and fixes the rate of fire.
   The shooting timer is:

  • signal to start firing;
  • registration of time of each shot;
  • fixing the rate of fire (duration of the entire firing cycle and pauses between shots);
  • recording results and compiling an analytical report on improving shooting skills.

   A shooting timer is needed for the shooters. In sports shooting competitions, rate of fire together with accuracy affects the result. Therefore, shooting timers are used in competitions and during training in the dash.
   The advantages of these devices include:

  • compactness and light weight;
  • autonomy (internal batteries) and energy efficiency (long operating time on one battery charge);
  • accuracy of readings and digital statistics;
  • the ability to record large amounts of training data and compile analytics;
  • a wide range of options (annunciator, stopwatch with latch, recording device);
  • rugged case and easy carrying in a case.

   If you are interested in the rate of fire and the ability to control the process and progress of shooting training, you need a shooting timer.

Military shooting timers in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains timers for practical and training shooting from world famous brands and accessories for them. We offer:

  • shooting timers in stock: desktop, pocket, portable, with belt mounts;
  • timer displays;
  • charging cables for timers;
  • fasteners-clips;
  • hard and silicone covers for equipment transportation.

   Each military timer in our catalog is original, presented by well-known world brands CED, Competition Electronics and Shooters.Global. The equipment is mobile, equipped with shockproof sealed enclosures, sensitively, has a wide range of options and settings, adapted to operate in extreme field and climatic conditions, has autonomous power supplies and is able to work for a long time without recharging.
   We are also ready to bring to your attention second-hand timers for shooting. The condition of the devices is perfect, functionally not inferior to new products, but has a significantly lower cost. Delivery of goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.