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Action camera

   The Punisher online store offers to buy an action camera, mounts and accessories for it on favorable terms. Our catalog contains video equipment of well-known American, Japanese and Ukrainian brands for operational shooting in extreme conditions of battle, rescue operation, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Action cameras: features and purpose

   “Classic” video cameras have long ceased to meet modern requirements for video shooting - they are bulky, difficult to manage, capricious to external conditions, unable to transmit images in real time, have massive power supplies, etc. Therefore, at the beginning of the XXI century, they were replaced by action cameras - digital devices that can work in extreme conditions, quickly shoot and broadcast a “picture” in high quality.
   A modern action camera (for example, an Sony action camera) is:

  • compact or miniature dimensions, minimum weight;
  • super wide angle (or spherical) lens with a large depth of field;
  • high image quality (FullHD or 4K);
  • robust shockproof housing that can withstand strong mechanical stress, shock and fall from a height of human growth;
  • automatic exposure adjustment (operation in maintenance-free mode);
  • the ability to transfer video images to playback devices over the Internet in online mode (USB or Wi-Fi interface);
  • inertness to vibrations and shaking when shooting (no autofocus and viewfinder);
  • tight protection against dust, dirt, water, chemical aggressions;
  • universal system of fastening to any supporting platforms (head-mounted clip, tactical or sports helmet, belt, camping equipment, bicycle helm, etc.).

   Shooting using this equipment practically does not require operator involvement and does not distract a person from performing other useful actions. Therefore, the military and police experts, extreme sportsmen, hunter tourists, drivers, cavers and divers seek to buy an action camera. The camera is attached to their equipment and takes pictures of events automatically, leaving hands free.
   When choosing an action camera, you need to determine the goals of its use and the required image quality. Of great importance are also:

  • strength, reliability and security of the device;
  • functionality, availability of the necessary settings and ease of working with them;
  • format of the received image - high-quality Full HD or super-high-quality 4K;
  • used lens stabilization principle;
  • availability of necessary additional options (for example, motion sensor, night mode, IR illumination, external microphone).

   In addition, the operating mode is also important: how and in what conditions, you will use the camera. For tactical (army) shooting, a shockproof case and protective covers are required, for active and extreme sports, diving - waterproof aquaboxes, for hunting - IR illumination for night shooting, protection against precipitation and temperature extremes.

Action cameras in Ukraine

   Our online store offers the best modern action cameras and accessories for them from world famous manufacturers. The catalog contains:

  • action cameras from Sony and other manufacturers in sets and tactical helmet-mounted camcorders;
  • helmet mount profiles for camcorders;
  • head mounts, weapons, glass, side mounts and latches;
  • stops for fingers;
  • sealed aquaboxes for shooting under water and in conditions of high humidity;
  • protective caps on the camera lens;
  • charging device;
  • covers for video equipment.

   Video equipment and accessories are represented by the well-known brands Contour, FMA, MOHOC, Ops-Core and Sony, are certified and protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, are capable of shooting in a wide range of operating modes under strong mechanical, vibration, temperature loads, in the dark, and low visibility.
   The equipment has durable shockproof cases, it has been repeatedly tested in extreme field, technical and climatic conditions, it works flawlessly in a combat situation, on a camping trip, on seasonal fishing and hunting.
   For those who like to save money, we offer used video equipment in perfect condition - it is not inferior in technical capabilities to new models, but it costs significantly less. Delivery of goods is carried out in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest time.