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Military Electronics (Tactical)

     The Punisher online store offers military, police, security and rescue personnel, airsoft athletes, tourists, fishermen and hunters a wide selection of tactical army electronics. The site’s catalog contains new and used electronic navigators, video cameras, watches, and beacons from well-known domestic and world manufacturers of military equipment and gear. 

 Tactical Electronics Requirements

   Tactical electronics - military equipment using electrical and electronic technologies, which is used for:

       •             operational orientation of fighters on the ground in real time (GPS-navigators, IR- and infrared beacons;

       •             accurate reconnaissance of the location and location of enemy positions (action cameras);

       •             Obtaining updated data on the situation with the help of clocks and shooting timers.

     Such equipment allows you to quickly and effectively gain an advantage in the combat zone or special operations, but it must be of the highest quality. Tactical army electronics is extremely unpretentious to operating conditions, is not afraid of serious mechanical stress, temperature extremes, high humidity and precipitation, dust, sand, smoke. It works in a wide frequency range with high accuracy, allowing you to quickly receive the necessary data in real time.

     Due to the outstanding physical and tactical and technical characteristics, reliability and functionality, military electronics are in great demand among people who need operational orientation on the ground: special forces, security and search and rescue services, tourists, hunters and fishermen.

 Electronics and tactical electrical equipment in Ukraine

     The catalog of our store presents the best models of tactical electronic devices from world famous brands-suppliers of electronics for the US Army and NATO unit:

       •             GPS-navigators, mounts, cases and pouches for them from Garmin, Magellan, RAM mounts, T3, Tactical Tailor, ToySoldier;

       •             helmet-mounted and barrel-mounted action cameras, aquaboxes, mounts, adapters and covers for cameras from Contour, FMA, MOHOC, Ops-Core, Punisher, Sony;

       •             tactical and sports watches, heart rate monitors Garmin, M-Tac, Suunto;

       •             shooting timers and mounts, connecting cables, covers for them from CED, Competition Electronics, Shooters.Global;

       •             sound (IR) and infrared beacons and markers, strobe lights, chemical light sources Adventure Lights, Cyalume Technologies, Mil-tec, S&S Precision;

       •             tactical, manual, headlights, helmet-mounted lights and tactical lighting kits CED, Emerson, Energizer, Fenix, First Light USA, Fulton, M-Tac, Petzl, Princeton Tec, Rigid Industries, Streamlight, SureFire;

       •             chargers and batteries Keeppower, Motorola, Nitecore, Panasonic, PkCell, Soshine, SureFire, Thyrm.

     The military electronics presented in our catalog are only original products of the highest class, which have repeatedly passed tests in combat and extreme conditions, where they have proven their reliability, reliability and efficiency. Each product is certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

     You can order new and used army electronics directly in the catalog using the convenient search system, photos and detailed descriptions of devices. Electrical equipment is selected individually, and orders are delivered to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.