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Pepper spray

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police officers, special and security units, as well as private individuals in Ukraine to buy Pepper spray from the best world manufacturers. The catalog of the store presents all types of compact gas-balloon personal protective equipment at the lowest prices.

Pepper spray: types, principle of operation, characteristics

   Pepper spray is a compact metal (aluminum) cylinder in which tear gas is in a compressed state. The device is designed for individual wearing and use for self-defense against aggressive people and animals, allowing you to temporarily disable the attacker.

   The container set valve device with a siphon tube and a spray head with a protective cap. When you press the valve button, you create a repellent pressure inside the cylinder, which lowers the stem inside the cylinder, which releases the nipple and opens the way for the propellant gas jet.
   Depending on the type of spray head, Pepper spray can be:

  • aerosol - release an aerosol "torch" of gas;
  • jet - let out a narrowly directed stream of gas;
  • conical - emit a directional gas cone (large-droplet spraying).

   The composition of the contents of most Pepper spray are identical - as a damaging substance, they use liquid extract of red capsicum. Different models may contain different concentrations of capsaicinoid irritating substances in the fluid. To create the desired level of pressure in the cylinder, freons, butane, ordinary air or carbon dioxide with water or chemical solvents are used.

   Which pepper spray to buy? It all depends on the goals that you pursue. Compact disposable cylinders that release all the gas in one click and fit in a jacket pocket or handbag, have a volume of 22-23 ml. For semi-professional and professional use (security, police, special forces), more than 50-100 ml larger cylinders are used.

Pepper spray buy in Ukraine

   All types and volumes of Pepper spray for self-defense are presented in the catalog of our store:

  • for private (22-23 ml) and professional (40, 50, 100 ml) use;
  • with aerosol, jet and conical spray heads;
  • with different composition of propellant gas (air, carbon dioxide, butane).

   The presented self-defense means are original, released by well-known brands Ballistol and Saber, repeatedly tested in action, have high efficiency, are not traumatic and safe for human life, are certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty. We deliver purchased goods in Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.