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Tracking shoes

   The Punisher online store offers trekking boots to buy from Ukrainian, American, Romanian and Vietnamese manufacturers at reasonable prices. The catalog presents the best models of hiking and sports shoes. 

Professional Tracking Shoes: Features

   Winter and summer trekking shoes are light and very durable boots and sneakers for long trips and off-road trips. They belong to the category of sports shoes, but their technical characteristics are not inferior to tactical shoes and can be used by special forces during combat operations and field training.

   The main purpose of this type of "off-road shoes" is long walking on hard asphalt and stone surfaces, mountainous terrain, for this it has a powerful tread and give good adhesion to stone, loose soil, slippery clay.

   Its distinctive features are:

  • high strength materials (genuine leather, nubuck) and shoe designs;
  • reliable fixation of the ankle and protection against mechanical injuries, sprains and dislocations;
  • mandatory reinforcement with dense skin places of maximum wear and potential injuries;
  • high level of moisture and heat protection;
  • high-quality air exchange (legs “breathe” and do not sweat due to membrane lining fabrics);
  • maximum level of protection against moisture (membrane + multilayer impregnation with silicone or wax);
  • the most light, hard and elastic sole with a bend only in the front;
  • special sole protector that prevents slipping.

   Such shoes serve several seasons under the most severe and extreme conditions, are resistant to thermal, climatic and mechanical stresses, wear out very slowly and retain their characteristics throughout their entire service life. Summer models have a more pronounced sole protector, while demi-season and winter ones are better protected from cold and wind, and also have additional stoppers to prevent dislocation when slipping on snow or ice. 

   Due to its outstanding characteristics, tracking shoes are universal and it is recommended to buy them for military, police, people of extreme civilian professions (lifeguards, security guards, firefighters), tourists, hunters and fishers.

M-Tac sneakers and other tracking shoes in Ukraine

   Three types of trekking shoes are presented in our catalog:

  • sneakers - for traveling on flat and forested terrain, uncomplicated mountain trails with a stable soil structure (there is no ankle protection);
  • light boots - for long multi-day trips with a heavy load on the shoulders over moderately rough terrain and low-risk mountain trails (minimal protection of the ankle);
  • heavy boots - for difficult movements with a heavy load on a very rugged terrain, uneven terrain and difficult mountain trails (maximum protection of the ankle).

   The shoes are original, represented by the Ukrainian brand M-Tac and well-known brands 5.11 Tactical, Asolo, Bates, Lowa, Merrell, Salomon. In assortment - a full size range (8-13R (US), 39-47 (UA)) in a wide range of colors. 

   If you want to save money, pay attention to used shoes, which are not inferior in technical and commodity characteristics to new products, but much cheaper. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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