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     The Punisher online store offers servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, employees of departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tourists, athletes, airsoft players and simply connoisseurs of the military style to buy M-Tac branded clothing on favorable terms. In our catalog, you will be able to find a wide range of brand products for professionals and amateurs at a bargain price.

 M-Tac Tactical Clothing at Punisher Store

     Militarist Tactical (M-Tac) is a young popular brand that produces tactical clothing, shoes, equipment and accessories for military and police professionals, athletes, tourists and airsoft players. Since 2014, the company switched to the production of its own products - development and tailoring, and supplies special-purpose goods, including for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

     The catalog of our online store presents a wide range of brand products:

       •             T-shirts and polos tactical and sweatpants with long and short sleeves;

       •             shirts with short and long sleeves;

       •             sweaters and fleece with hoods and without hoods;

       •             pants, jeans and shorts;

       •             tactical jackets, windcheaters, parks, vests and tunics, demi-season and winter;

       •             thermal underwear.

     All the items of clothing presented are original, certified and protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, designed for operation in difficult climatic and weather conditions, ergonomic and wear-resistant, repel water and allow the body to breathe (they pass air well).

 M-Tac Clothing Advantages

     Tactical clothing m-tac is designed, tailored and sewn taking into account the needs and wishes of professional military (special forces), specialists of power structures and athletes. The characteristic advantages of this clothing are:

       •             the high-strength waterproof and non-burning fabrics of the membrane type usage, as well as ripstop, blended fabrics based on cotton, impregnated fleece, Flex based on spandex, Codura DuPont nylon with polyurethane protection;

       •             the use of American and Austrian innovative polymer insulation PrimaLoft and G-Loft with improved thermal and moisture insulation, not inferior to goose down;

       •             original cut, providing high functionality of clothes and complete freedom of movement;

       •             reliable fittings that ensure tight clothing and protection from falling out of pockets of weapons and equipment;

       •             duplicated seams and reinforcing pads in areas of increased mechanical stress;

       •             environmental friendliness and hygiene, ability to pass air (the "breathe" effect);

       •             stylish design that ensures the popularity of brand clothing in civilian life;

       •             wide range of colors for different types of troops and adaptation to any kind of natural landscape and the tone of the wardrobe.

     All M-Tac clothing is comfortable and does not hinder movements, undergoes mandatory test tests in field and combat conditions, is designed for extreme mechanical and climatic loads, does not tear, does not wrinkle, does not slip and does not deform with time, has a 2-4-fold margin strength, does not let water through, removes sweat and allows the body to breathe. It is designed both for combat or sports conditions, and for wearing in a city in peacetime.

 To buy m tac c clothes in Ukraine

     n our online store, you have an opportunity to order and buy M-Tac clothes of any kind, color and size at a bargain price. Wholesale and retail ordering of products is possible directly in the catalog. Each product is equipped with a photo, a detailed description and the current price.

We guarantee the highest quality and practicality of the brand’s clothing, offer it at reasonable prices and quickly deliver it to customers anywhere in Ukraine. For those who like to save money, we also offer certain used clothes at discount prices.