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Tuning and Parts

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police, security personnel, athletes, airsoft players and hunters to buy weapon tuning for military, sports and hunting weapons in bulk and retail. Our catalog contains weapons accessories to increase the comfort of handling weapons, created by American, Swedish and Ukrainian manufacturers.

What is weapon tuning for?

   Weapon tuning is fundamentally different from tuning other products, as it is aimed not at giving it a spectacular appearance (which often happens when tuning, for example, cars), but at increasing the efficiency of shooting and tuning combat equipment to the convenience of the shooter. The standard parameters for smoothbore, pneumatic or rifled weapons are changed so that:

  • increased rate of fire;
  • reduced time between preparation and the start of firing;
  • the operation of the trigger mechanism and the accuracy of the battle have improved;
  • the comfort of carrying and servicing weapons has improved.

   To do this, there are a number of accessories or accessory kits for specific types and models of firearms, which are easy to install and give a new level of efficiency and effectiveness of its use. Such tuning accessories include removable, folding or folding stocks with adapters, additional fire transfer handles, covers for bolts, forends or gas tubes, bipods, muzzle accessories, Picatinny rails, brake compensators, more powerful sights, mounts for tactical flashlights and designators, etc.

   The main advantage of accessories for tuning weapons is the ability to quickly and inexpensively efficiently upgrade the existing model of small arms instead of costly buying a new, more modern model of an assault rifle, rifle, carbine or hunting rifle. 

Buy weapons tuning in Ukraine

   Weapon tuning online store Punisher.ua offers a variety of professional weapon tuning: 

  • monoblock mounts;
  • protective strips with overlays;
  • adapter brackets and quick-detachable adapters;
  • sets of shooting shops;
  • additional receiver covers with integrated strap;
  • handle for transferring fire to different types of firearms.

   Tuning accessories for combat and hunting weapons are original and presented by well-known world brands Knight’s Armament, Larue, Military Equipment, Spuhr, TangoDown, Magpul. All products undergo complex factory and field tests, are certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

   When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the specialization of accessories for a certain type of weapon, quality and ease of use. For those who like to save money, we offer used tuning for weapons - it is not inferior in technical parameters and external characteristics, but significantly cheaper than new products. Delivery of weapons accessories in Ukraine - to any city and in the shortest possible time.