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   The Punisher online store offers to buy the Tactic Bag and Duffle Bag in Ukraine, which are equipped with US military units. In the catalog you can choose Military Duffle Bag of different types and designs from the best brands and contract suppliers.

Tactic Cargo Bag: purpose and characteristics

   Tactic Cargo Bag and Duffle Bag– convenient accessories for carrying and transporting military uniforms, ammunition, weapons and accessories during multi-day crossings and relocation of units. They are not used in combat conditions, where the military takes tactical backpacks, but they are indispensable in situations where the detachment, platoon, company are moving to new positions or participating in multi-day exercises.
   Typically, individual transport bags are carried on one shoulder (tactical bag with one shoulder strap) or two shoulders, designed for 70-100 liters of volume, intervening things and equipment weighing up to 50-70 kg. Military Duffle Bag requires transportation by vehicles and holds up to 150 kg of cargo. 
   Why does every professional hunter, fisherman, tourist or traveler want to buy a tactical bag for transporting things? These products are designed for extreme operation in combat, tactical and field, crisis climatic conditions and differ:

  • well thought out, reliable and durable design;
  • the use of mechanically stable, wear-resistant materials;
  • high-quality impregnations to protect things from high humidity and rainfall;
  • high-quality fittings, reliable locks and a large number of useful pockets;
  • durable and comfortable carrying straps.

   This bag is universal, reliable, does not burn, does not get wet, does not fade and practically does not tear even with the most careless handling. Therefore, tactical transport bags of manufacturers of army equipment are always in high demand among people who encounter extreme sports very often - tourists, hunters, fishers, travelers, rescuers, etc.

Buy a tactical bag in Ukraine 

   In the store’s catalog you can order military bags and Duffle Bag of different types of American, German, Chinese and Ukrainian production:

  • military duffle bag and individual transport bags for equipment;
  • tactical bags and holster bags;
  • bags and pouches for carrying on a belt;
  • organizers;
  • cooler bags.

   Bags for carrying and transporting military equipment are represented by the famous brands 5.11 Tactical, LBT, LBX, M-Tac, Mil-tec, OneTigris, S.O.C., Thin Air Gear, UTactic, Vertx and contract manufacturers of the US Army. 
   Each tactical transport bag or Duffle Bag is designed to carry bulky and heavy items, extreme transportation of equipment and cargo, long-term use in any climatic and technical conditions. Therefore, the products are sewn from very durable materials, have reliable locks and comfortable straps for transportation, as well as a wide range of colors to adapt to any landscape.   

   Army bags and Duffle Bag can be ordered in the store’s catalog, taking into account the country of production, brand, color and price. When choosing, consider the scope of application, the required dimensions and capacity, the expected weight loads and operating conditions, the reliability of the locks, the convenience of the straps. 

   To save on purchase, you can choose used products - such an individual transport bag or Military Duffle Bag is not inferior in technical capabilities to a new product, but much cheaper. Order delivery - to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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