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Internal parts

   For professional athletes and amateurs, as well as owners of airsoft clubs and centers, the Punisher online store offers internal tuning products for airsoft weapons - batteries and compressors for Gearbox weapon drives, which you can buy on favorable terms. The catalog contains original products for automatic small arms from the best world manufacturers.

Gearbox: characteristics and scope

   Gearbox is the main combat element of air guns used in airsoft. This is a compressor module in a plastic or metal casing, the task of which is to create the necessary pressure level in the barrel channel of a small drive to give the ball the necessary kinetic energy. The more powerful the gearbox, the higher the firing range, the better the characteristics and results of the shooting.
   Mounted in the gearbox housing:

  • engine;
  • gear for feeding the ball into the barrel;
  • contact group, which transmits a command from the trigger to supply power to the engine;
  • piston group, creating the necessary pressure in the barrel;
  • trigger spring.

   The principle of the mechanism is simple:

  1. When you press the trigger of the weapon, the contact group closes.
  2. Current is transferred from the lithium battery to the motor.
  3. The motor starts to rotate the gearbox - a ball is fed into the barrel, and a combat spring is cocked, pushing the piston.
  4. The piston begins to return to its original position, creating increased pressure.
  5. The created pressure pushes the ball out of the barrel at high speed.

   To date, there are eight versions of gearboxes, each of which has unique technical characteristics. Some models are suitable only for a limited number of weapon models. Gearbox 2 (pistols and carbines of the M series) is considered one of the most versatile and practical models, it is easy to assemble, has a motor separately installed in the handle and is designed for a powerful trigger spring. In the Gearbox 3 model (designed for the AK model), the motor is easily replaced, modification 4 has a complex modular design. The compact fifth version is difficult to repair and find components. Gearboxes 6, 7 and 8 are the most structurally complex and specialized.
   The choice of gearbox depends not only on the version, but also on the features of the airsoft-weapon, each model of which is adapted for its own compressor. The second and third series of gearboxes are considered the most universal - they are suitable for most models of airsoft gun drives.

Gearbox and other internal tuning for airsoft weapons in Ukraine 

   In our online store the most popular elements of internal tuning for Airsoft weapons are presented, which allow you to restore and improve the shooting characteristics of airsoft pistols, carbines and assault rifles.
In the catalog you can choose:

  • weapons lithium batteries of different capacities for airsoft and chargers;
  • compressors for weapon drives (Gearbox 2 and 3).

   The offered devices are original, presented by well-known airsoft-brands ACM and A&K, tested for many years in extreme conditions and under heavy loads, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.
   For those who want to save money, we offer used internal tuning, not inferior to new products in functionality and reliability, but having a lower cost. Delivery of purchased goods - in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.