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Night-Vision Goggles

   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, police and security officers, hunters and tourists to buy a used night vision device in Ukraine and a new one from the best world manufacturers. Our catalog contains inexpensive US-made NVDs that are used by fighters of tactical special forces of the US Army.

Night vision device: characteristics, advantages, purpose

   A night vision device (NVD) is a military tactical equipment for detecting targets and conducting tactical actions in the dark or in low visibility conditions. At the heart of most NVD models:

  • Electron-optical converters (EOC) that have a sensitivity in the near (0.7-1.5 microns) infrared range. For such devices, IR illumination is required (they do not see in complete darkness).
  • Thermal bolometer sensors that are sensitive in the average (7-17 microns) infrared range. They don’t need backlighting, as these are thermal imaging devices that respond to any solid bodies that have a natural temperature.   

   Structurally, NVDs are devices consisting of a radiation receiver (CCD matrix), a signal amplifier, a lens, and an image transmission device. By the form factor devices also vary:

  • tactical monocular - a telescope with a low magnification and range;
  • NVD binoculars - a double telescope with two EOC and the ability to increase stereoscopic images;
  • NVD glasses - a device that is attached to the head and gives a real "picture" without increasing or approaching an object (it can be a monocular);
  • NVD sight (or “night” attachment to a standard optical sight) - a monocular for mounting on weapons with the zoom option and reticle (can be equipped with an infrared laser target designator).

   NVD, in general, are universal and can be used, including by rescuers, tourists in the dark, speleologists and hunters. 

NVD and night vision monoculars in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents the best equipment for monitoring the environment and detecting targets in the dark. You can order and purchase from us:

  • night vision device and night vision devices for sniper rifles;
  • night vision monocular on a hand, helmet and weapon;
  • night nozzles.

   NVD is represented by well-known brands Armasight, ATN, COT, Elbit Systems, Dipol, ITT, FLIR. The equipment is designed for extreme operating conditions, equipped with durable aluminum and plastic cases, waterproof and dustproof, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty. 
   To save money, we recommend paying attention to used NVD or night vision monocular, which are in perfect technical condition, but they are much cheaper than new counterparts. Delivery of purchased goods - anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.