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Nacre / Silynx

   The online shop of Punisher suggests to buy professional active headsets and headsets from the well-known world producers of tactical radio equipment of Nacre and Silynx on adequate prices. The models of radio technical accessories that is used by servicemen special subdivision of armies the USA and NATO are presented in a catalogue.  

 Active headsets and tactical headsets of Nacre and Silynx

   We present to attention of servicemen, constabulary specialists, workers of guard and rescue services professional tactical radio accessories for organization of quality radio contact and defence of rumor of specialists in the field, battle and extreme technical requirements:

      • A headset of Nacre (line of Quietpro) is an easy digital headset with the option of intellectual adaptation to the real noise situation. A device provides quality vocal connection, represses noises and protects the ears of fighter in difficult tactical terms requiring permanent co-ordination of actions of battle subdivision.

      • Headsets and headset of Silynx (line of Clarus) are the "unkilled" equipment for organization of quality connection and defence of ears of fighters in the conditions of intensive fight and aggressive environment.

   Active headsets and headsets of Nacre/Silynx - it:

      • durability, wear proofness and lightness of constructions;

      • wear proof structural materials with dielectric defence;

      • stability to the dust, dirt, to humidity to the temperature over falls; Headset Nacre

      • effective noise suppression at maintenance of clarity and clearness of vocal reports;

      • active protecting of rumor of man from stationary and impulsive noises at changing noise terms;

      • panoramic support of voice picture;

      • universal connection is practically to all well-known models of the tactical wireless stations and smart phones.

   A radio equipment is worked out for exploitation by forces of the special operations, battle pointers of the USA, "fur-seals" of NATO, security of countries of Europe services. Headsets and headsets of Silynx and Nacre on 100% are reliable, use modern radio technologies, provide ideal defence for ears, not distorting the voice picture of surrounding space.

 To buy the active headsets of Silynx in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop headsets, headsets and accessories, are presented to them from the well-known brands of Nacre and Silynx supplying with an equipment for making up of the staff by radio technical communication of battle subdivisions of armies of the USA and NATO, constabulary, guard and rescue services means.

   In a catalogue radio equipments are presented:

      • active headsets;

      • noise reduction headsets;

      • controlled from distance buttons for headsets;

      • cables under Kenwood, Motorola, PRC;

      • cables with base connectors;

      • reducers and adapters;

      • embouchures.

   Every headset, headsets or controlled from distance button Silynx/Nacre, in our shop is this original equipment protected by certificates and guarantee of producer. In addition, the working and functional models of devices former in the use are presented fully for us, that is offered with substantial discounts.

   Ordering active digital headsets and headsets is possible in the catalogue of shop, using the comfortable system of search on a producer and price. Delivery of orders - in any point of Ukraine in the earliest possible dates.

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